Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{February Foodfest} Yeah, not about food

Big President's Day fail on my part.  But since it was a holiday, I can count it as a weekend...right?  And I wasn't planning on blogging on the weekends.  Can we say justification?

Here is what my holiday was like yesterday (apparently they don't care about President's Day in Britain):

1. emptied dishwasher/did dishes/loaded dishes/swept
2. vacuumed - not so easy when you're almost 9 months pregnant
3. playdate - at our house
4. laundry - my dryer is 3 floors down, and in another building which requires me to access it from outside- again, not so easy when almost 9 months pregnant
5. hiked to Tesco for the elusive missing ingredient for dinner (oranges)
6. made dinner - not sure why this took me ALL of nap time (2-4) to do, but it did and then some, maybe because I couldn't use the blender or mixer during nap time for fear it would wake the Kracken.  You bet I was on the phone to Taylor at 5:30 begging asking when he'd be home (our neighbors were coming over at 6 for dinner).
7. cleaned up toys with Seth's help - does including your toddler on this make the process take four times as long for anyone else or is it just me?
8. collapsed in a heap on the couch when Taylor got home and instructed from there last minute preparations - he is the best!  He also let me lie on the couch (we have one in our kitchen though I use the term very lightly.  It's more like a sad excuse for a seat that you see in a doctor's office) while he cleaned up the whole kitchen which even though I completely cleaned up after myself when I made dinner, still somehow looked like a science project gone very wrong.

So yeah, no time to blog.  I went to bed by 9 pm which is unheard of for me.

I guess missing one day of the February Foodfest Challenge has made me feel rebellious and so I'm not going to post about food today either.  I know. It is kind of killing the "first child" in me.

Today, my friends, we have reached a new level of Angel Baby.  Remember this post? And especially this one?

Well after lunch, Seth was playing in his room while I was folding laundry in another.  I could hear him playing with his trucks and was glad that he was entertaining himself so well because I could tell toward the end of lunch he was getting sleepy but it was too early to put him down.   After a few minutes, I noticed the truck sounds had ceased, and he was saying, "night night" which is what he calls his pacifiers.  I only let him use them when he is in bed and that is where they are typically housed, but as I mention in my Long Tall Texan post last year, Seth is quite tall for his age and really has no problems reaching into the crib for his contraband (aka night nights) to use at will unless I remember to put them far up against the wall. So I walked into his room to see if he was ready for his nap




Most moms have trouble with their 20 month olds climbing out of their cribs.  Mine likes to get in it when he's ready to sleep.

There are no words.


Satterfield said...

He's quite the problem solver! :-)

The Jones' said...

That is awesome!

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