Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Holiday in Harris

Thanks to our generous friends, Murdo and Emma, we were able to spend part of their summer holiday with them on the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.  The weather was great (something you cannot count on here in Scotland!).  Besides each of us being a little "under the weather," we had a wonderful trip!

In front of the holiday house

Seth and Charlie ready for church

Taylor had the perfect opportunity to wear his tartan!  It's like wearing your cowboy hat when you're not in Texas.
The Western side of the island is dotted with breath-taking beaches.
Don't let the beach behind us fool you - it's 60-something degrees outside!

Daddy and Seth braving the cold water to go "paddling"

I love (to eat) sand!

Baby jail

Sheep at the beach...only in Scotland (and maybe Ireland)

Emperor Seth in my latest Costco purchase

I've officially worn Daddy out

Mommy's turn

LOVE those cheeks!

Our drive home from the beach - this island basically only has single track roads - yikes!

Relaxing at the house
Cutest boys ever!

Does this wetsuit make me look fat?

Isle of Skye in the very background

Township on Harris - the name escapes me already

Township of Manish


The white one covered up by the one in front of it

Our garden

Our favorite beach: Nisabost (bost=beach in Gaelic)

Sheep on the road, sheep at the beach - they run this place!

All of these sheep pictures are for you, Kaitlyn if you hadn't already guessed

Give me camera!

Who needs toys when you have a goggle case?


Hey sheep - stop stealing my boogie board!

Can you see the sound around my mouth?
Murdp and Taylor

Time for reading - thank you Emma!!

The whole crew:
Emma, Charlie, Tom, Murdo, Taylor, Seth, Me

Seth and Emma on the ferry to the Isle of Skye

Skye on the drive home

Harbour next to the ferry

Charlie and Seth

On the ferry back to the mainland with Murdo

Ft William

Bonny Prince Charlie Monument

Some random castle ruins on our drive home - outside of Stirling
Thanks again Murdo and Emma - we had such a lovely trip with you guys!