Thursday, November 22, 2012

So Thankful

So we had taquitos tonight - it was weird not having turkey, but that is coming Saturday.  The photos below are from my friend Lisa's "Pumpkin Tasting Party" and no I didn't bring Pumpkin Foot Cake.

This is not how this photo started...#brotherly/sisterly love

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


I'm back, but by now I'm sure you know not to get worried when I am silent for weeks on end.

But y'all I was compelled to type because of a discovery that has just made my life in Scotland so much brighter. And with it getting dark here by 4 pm, I'm in dire need.

I found canned crescent rolls in my local Tesco and I am beside myself.

Seriously.  You don't appreciate canned bread until you move to Scotland, mention Pilsbury, and they have no idea what you're talking about.  Or maybe I have just assumed they didn't carry it like other staples (corn tortillas, chopped green chiles, jalapenos, Bisquick etc) and just now noticed them the first time.  Now I can actually make Pizza Roll-ups or Easy Pizza.  See, even though it is 2:17 pm and the sun is starting to set, I can deal.

On to other important things:

1. I've been meal planning for the rest of this week and next while the kids are napping and I have one more day to fill: next Thursday.  You are probably now thinking to yourself, isn't that Thanksgiving?  Isn't she obviously preparing a spectacular Thanksgiving meal for her family?  And the answer would be no because we are celebrating Thanksgiving on Saturday - heresy I know, but when you're celebrating a holiday that basically stems from the fact that you're not living in Britain anymore and you currently live in Britain, no one is too bothered by what day you celebrate it.  So back to my dilemma, I need a meal for Thursday.  Here is my criteria: quick, easy, makes enough to have leftovers the next day, not chicken, little to no handling of raw meat required - help me.  Thanks and gig 'em (like how I associate myself with Texas A&M only after an epic football victory?  Call me two percenter)

2. Elizabeth is having a Thanksgiving Linky Party, so here is my scalloped potato recipe I mentioned last Thanksgiving post. I dislike mashed potatoes, so this was my substitute, and it was a huge hit.

Scalloped Potatoes
recipe adapted from my mom-in-law
*warning: this recipe is not exact and I'm using the "metric" system.  I'll do my best to convert it for you

(insert laughter here if you know me well)

--6 jacket potatoes or Maris Pipers (not sure what the American equivalent would be off of the top of my head - not Idaho or new potatoes...sorry that isn't very helpful, but maybe Yukon gold or something similar?)
--300 mL double cream though I don't use all of it (I think I'd use about 8 - 10 oz of half and half  or heavy cream or a combo of both (is there something in between?) if I was in America)
--250 g cheddar (2 cups)
--salt and pepper

1. Wash your potatoes - hopefully that is obvious, but just in case...
2. Thinly slice them (I keep the skin on)
3. Spray baking dish (9X13?)
4. Layer potatoes, sprinkle salt and pepper (optional: my mom-in-law also adds nutmeg at this stage), dot with butter, sprinkle cheese
5. Repeat layering till dish is full (ending with the cheese)
6. Pour cream over top
7. Cover with foil and bake at 400 degrees F/200 degrees C for 45 min
8. Take off foil and bake for 15 more minutes or until golden and bubbly

3. Embracing the Camera with Emily today:

Seth and I are matchy-matchy today not on purpose (though this secretly delights me) but due to the fact that I'm ridiculously behind on laundry (as evidenced by the background of the photo).

And this photo so that Avery doesn't feel left out and to show  my laundry progress.
#Baby steps.