Monday, April 1, 2013

A dozen reasons my husband loves Pioneer Woman...

Those, my friends, are 12 Hot Roast Beef sandwiches thankyouverymuch.  

I struggle with staying on top of Taylor's lunch.  Bless him, he doesn't complain about it, and has spent many a night quietly slapping together PB&Js for himself because he knows I'll forget in the morning.  We all have different things that make us feel loved and his is not having to put together his own lunch for school.  That should be easy...right?  But for some reason I just could not get it together.  So I spent a little time reflecting on why.  The main reason is I am not a fan of sandwiches unless they've been made for me at Jimmy Johns or Quizos or even Subway.  I abhor touching sandwich meat.  Not to mention it's almost impossible to find quality meat here that isn't processed to death and not worth eating in the first place.  And even though it's processed within an inch of it's life, it still goes bad so fast which is why each package comes with about 2 slices in it, so I'm constantly feeling like I have to buy it. And we all know how great my memory is...

So when I saw this post by Pioneer Woman, I got inspired.  Went to Costco, bought a huge thing of roast beef, sliced cheese, and wholemeal baps (sandwich rolls similar to hamburger buns but softer), made the dressing and voila! In 20 minutes I had prepared Taylor's lunch for 2 weeks.  All he has to do is grab one or two out of the freezer on his way out the door (but you know since I was so proud of myself, I actually remembered to pack them up for him along with some fruit and veggie straws...hopefully this will last!).

Now, I liked the idea of these for my lunch too.  I LOVE roast beef and the sauce sounded amazing except for the mayo which I pretty much will not eat.  It's sad because if you made it for me and didn't tell me it had mayo in it, I'd happily eat it...ignorance is bliss and all.  But since I made it and I know there is mayo in it, I just can't do it.  I know, I'm neurotic.  So I made 4 extra and substituted French wholegrain mustard (not sure if you can get this in the States - it's similar to dijon in kick but not in texture) and I am eating one as I type.  Actually that is a lie.  I stopped typing so I could scarf it down.

Anyone else have any good lunch ideas?