Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tax Day

Thanks to Jim at H & R Block the Inces have, for the first time, completed and filed their taxes prior to April 15th.

We've had the best of intentions in the past, but there always seemed to be something that we'd forget to bring with us (social security cards - but my number is on the W2!, W2 forms - oh? you need to bring all of those?, paperwork showing interest from our savings account - didn't know that 25 cents needed to be accounted for) that would merit multiple visits to the tax filing office ultimately causing us to file on April 15th. And yes, our first year of marriage, we drove to the downtown post office at 11:30 pm to send it off on time. I think secretly it makes us feel rebellious to get it done on the last possible day.

It's our silent protest.

Taylor and I do not possess the gift of math or of organization which is a scary combination come Tax Day. We tremble in fear when our W2s come in the mail in January, already feeling the guilt of procrastination that we both know is inevitable.

But not this year! April 10th, taxes filed. Check. (Literally and figuratively)

So thanks again Jim for making this process as pain free as possible.