Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Story of Sethers: First 6 Months

Mommy's Birthday Party - 20 weeks 
Craig's Military Ball - 33 weeks

Babymoon in Destin - 34 weeks

Baby Shower - 35 weeks

He's here!
Our first family photo

Day 2 - Daddy is indoctrinating him early

Going home

First car ride

Our little peapod


First bath - he's not sure how he feels about this

One Month Old!

Looking up to Daddy already

First day trip: Doc and Michelle's bay house
Milestone - first time he slept thru the night (11pm to 7am)!

Best friend: Cousin Caroline

Two Months Old!

Loving bath time now

Wise words from Seanair

First plane ride: Panama City, FL

First Vacation: Seaside, FL

Reading with Popsie

Reading with Mia

Trying on clothes for Scotland with Tutu

Three Months Old!

My new home: Edinburgh

Four Months Old!

Still looking up to his Daddy

First hike

Survived first hike!

Loves his bouncer

Loves his feet

First day trip in Scotland: North Berwick

Can't believe how much he's grown!

Praying for our friends back home

What is that?  I see Daddy looking at these a lot.  

Am I supposed to eat it?

No, that didn't taste good.

I think I am supposed to look at it.

I think we have a reader on our could we not?

Did I mention he loves his feet? They provide hours of entertainment!

Reading Hebrew with Dad in his study carrel 

Loves touching Mommy's face

Our little lion
Mommy's favorite photo

My five month old in 6 to 9 month sized pjs!  He's tall like his Daddy.
Thanks Erdin's for helping us keep our growing boy clothed!

More crazy sleeping antics

First trip to England: Keswick in the Lake District

Five Months Old!

He loves frogs - even his shoes have frogs on them!

Our little elf

Super Sethers!

Sitting Up

German Market in Princes Street Gardens

No more swaddling!

Our little Book Worm


Sitting up by himself

Also loves chewing on his toes

Little Chubster

Standing by himself!

Loves his phone!

Had enough

Six Months Old - isn't he grown up?

Caught him chewing on his frog

Frog legs anyone?

What Mom?  It's a delicacy.

Flying home for Christmas

Fun at Tutu and Seanair's house

First solids

First photo with Santa

Merry Christmas!

Love y'all,
Robin, Taylor, and Seth