Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Pretend like that song is playing in the background since I don't have access to my playlist (silly licensing issue) because if I did, it would be changed to my Christmas Mix, and you could listen to "Let it Snow" instead of "Banana Pancakes."  As much as I love Jack Johnson, he doesn't quite put you in the holiday spirit.  Hey, I just had a brilliant idea, he needs to make a Christmas album!  Mark, get on that please. That's what I want for Christmas. Thanks.

So I was tempted to call this post Global Warming...Right The Sequel (see post from last year about this time) because it looks like Colorado outside of my window.  At least Colorado with tiny mountains - a line from Dumb and Dumber is now running through my head. . . anyone else?  And typically it doesn't snow in Edinburgh much.

Could have fooled me.

And this is on Sunday - it has snowed every day this week since then!

Our neighbors banded together and built the biggest snowman I have ever seen. Here it is in the making - it ended up being 8 or 9 feet tall.  I will try to get a copy from one of my friends of the finished Frosty.  

Walk from church

With the major weather change, I am in dire need of some snow boots.  I slipped and fell on the way home from church not once, but twice.  I probably would have a third time if it weren't for my death grip on Taylor's elbow.  He was pushing Seth in the stroller (pushchair...whatever) and was laughing mercilessly at me.  So yeah, Uggs, though wooly and warm, don't have sufficient tread.  Noted.

Our church

Getting home from church.
Yes, that is the sun setting in the background at 3 pm.

Seth all snuggly in his stroller

View of Arthur's Seat with sunset

Due to the massive amounts of snow and lack of proper footwear, I am basically homebound.  It feels as though the whole city has pushed the pause button on life.  Almost all normal activity in Edinburgh has ceased.  They only plough the main roads, so I don't think I can even get our buggy on our street, and that is saying a lot since it's a Jeep stroller with huge mountain bike tires.  And I don't dare entertain the thought of taking Seth out in the Baby Bjorn with my lack of coordination as proved on Sunday.  How I used to be a competitive gymnast, I'll never know.  Of course, Murphy's Law, since I cannot go out, I am out of formula and diapers (ahem, nappies - I just can't bring myself to call them that.  Diapers seem, well, less nappy).  Don't worry, the Lord sent me another Scottish angel (though not tartan clad this time) from my Monday tea group.  She offered to venture out in the snow to get both for me to tie us over (or is it tide us over?  I know you have an aversion to commenting, but if you know, please end this internal debate for me!).

I have been trying not to feel stir crazy and use this time to think about the Christmas season and what the Lord is trying to teach me during this time of waiting.  It is not lost on me that this period of waiting is coinciding perfectly with the onset of Advent.

Since we only brought about 5 CDs with us consisting of, you guessed it, Jack Johnson and various artists from the 80s, I have been listening to for my Christmas music fix.  Hearing about the 70 degree weather is such a tease and to add insult to injury, they just played They Don't Have White Christmases in Houston.  In the song, if you haven't heard that little gem yet, it talks about y'all wearing your flip flops on Christmas etc.  I didn't even bring flip flops here.  I know, you can go ahead and pick your jaw up off of your keyboard. It was purely an oversight because even though our eleven pieces of luggage were packed to the brim, flip flops were definitely on my necessity list.  I've been making a list of things I wish we had brought with us so I can collect them over the holidays, but I'm afraid it will merit eleven pieces of luggage again. And we can only take three.  But rest assured, flip flops will be in there. I will wear them.  In the snow.

But for all of the inconvenience, the snow has ushered in the Christmas season, and that makes the frigid temperature that comes with it worth it.  I have especially loved watching the snow silently fall.  Now, every time I walk past a window, I find myself expectantly looking for it.


Is this how my life is characterized?  Watching and waiting for something way more important than snow?

In my waiting and watching, I was struck by the familiar verse:

Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool. 
Isaiah 1:18

I don't know the last time you were around snow, but I have been impressed by its brilliance.  It's blinding.  Christ didn't come into this world to wipe my face and make me look presentable for church.  He took my filth on Himself and gave me His righteousness.  That is white as snow. And for all of the Christmas music I have been listening to lately, I can't seem to stop humming Jesus Paid It All.

So crank up your AC, grab a cup of tea, tune in to KSBJ, and pretend like you're sitting with me at my window watching the flurries fall.  And waiting for our Savior to come.

Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for Him, every valley shall be filled in, every mountain and hill made low, the crooked roads shall become straight, the rough ways smooth.  
And all mankind will see God's Salvation.
Luke 3:4-6


Susan said...

this might be your best one yet...maybe it should snow more often! we are waiting too...for Dec see your sweet hug your sweet sit around the table as a family and laugh and share stories...even tho it's 78 degrees and flip flop weather, we're waiting here too! Love you and can't wait to see you...

love, mom Ince

The Neffendorf Family said...

You have written a lot of really great blogs, but this one is my favorite. Thanks for some really important reminders...and for initiating here some time of waiting and thinking. I don't SIT in the waiting often enough. Today, I'll even have tea in honor of YOU! :)

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