Saturday, November 27, 2010


It snowed here on Black Friday - weird for a family of Texans.  

Here are some photos we took:

View of the garden from our kitchen window during the snow.

View from our master bedroom - the steeple you see is connected to the church where I teach English.  Pentland Hills are in the background - there is a Mt. Aggie type (wet astroturf)  ski run on that particular hill.

In a friend's backyard - they have an amazing view of Arthur's Seat! Maybe the 3rd time I've worn my hair down since we've lived here.
Edinburgh Wind + Baby = Tangled Beyond Belief.
For the first time I am seeing the necessity of the short "mom cut" women tend to go for after having their first child.  I'm holding out as long as I can.

Our street - with the snow, it reminds me of that movie "The Holiday." Not quite as quaint, but close!

View from High Street - Taylor loves all of the "closes" connected to this street that give views of New Town

Random guy on High Street - there are usually people like him (dressed in costume) doing unusual things

View of the Forth straight ahead, the Salisbury Crags on the right, Carlton Hill on the left, and Waverley Train Station below

More of the same - gotta love those clouds - makes us feel like we're home

Other side of the bridge - below you see again, Waverely Train Station, to the right the Scott Monument with the ferris wheel behind it (put up for the holidays), and the castle on the left

The nicest baby changing station we've seen (John Lewis dept store).
We were actually accosted by a young mom on the bus our second night here when she saw we had a baby because she was adamant that we know about the baby room at John Lewis (I told you it feels a little like Aggieland here). We had no idea what she meant at the time.  Boy, she was right!

The castle lit up at 5:30 pm. No, that isn't a typo - it starts getting dark here at 3:30 (check above sunset pictures).

Home again, home again.  I tried to sneak a photo of him talking to his hands, but he caught me!

Hope your Black Friday was enjoyable even if you are a Longhorn fan. Hehe.

Gig 'Em y'all,

PS -  Go add your comment to my Thankful post.  Don't be scared.  I know more than 2 people read this!


Susan said...

So thankful for you guys and for the fact that I get to hold and hug Seth in 20 more days! Also thankful that for the next year, all us Aggie fans can FINALLY rib all those Longhorn fans!

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