Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our Walk to Church

Little man checking out his feet before we leave, "why do they put shoes on me?  I can't even walk!"

Walk by the neighbors

Pass through Holyrood Park

 Check out Salisbury Crags

Stop and pose for millionth picture

Enjoy the autumn colors

Laugh at Daddy who is donning a French accent and calling him Henri Matisse

Wave hello to the Queen at the Palace

Shake our heads at the ugly Parliament Building that cost 400 million pounds
and looks. like. this.

Home again, home again jiggity-jog!

As the Baker Girls would say, "Happy Nappy Time!"

Unfortunately this phrase denotes a much different meaning in Britain. . .

Happy Sunday Y'all!  

Hope your walk (drive!) was as pretty as ours!

The Inces


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