About Me

Meet Robin Ince...

She's a California-born Texan living in Edinburgh, Scotland who loves Jesus, reading, writing, vacationing in Maui, cooking, eating Tex-Mex, and taking care of her two boys: husband Taylor and baby Seth.  She aspires to be better at keeping in touch with her family and friends back home, hence the blog, and mastering the art of taking photos of food.


Why am I writing this in third person?  Weird.

If you are confused because you were looking for the blog Inces in Edinburgh, don't worry - you are in the right place.  This is the blog formerly known as Inces in Edinburgh.  It has recently had a much needed face lift which included a name change.  Let me explain...

As an elementary school student, I loathed my name due to the terrible rendition of "Rockin' Robin" that inevitably followed introductions.  In high school and college, I learned to appreciate it because it followed good name criteria:

1. Familiar but not popular
2. Easy to pronounce when seen on paper
3. Fairly easy to spell

After college, in the wonderful world of teaching, #1 wasn't true anymore - apparently Robin was pretty popular 5 to 10 years before I was born.  And now, living in the UK, where #1 is definitely not true (Robin just happens to be a very popular boy's name - lucky me), I've also lost #3.  When I meet people in Edinburgh because I am a girl, I get, "Robyn with a 'y' right?"  To make matters worse, there is another Robin Ince in Britain.  He just happens to be a male comedian who makes fun of God in some of his sketches.  Great.

All of that to say, Robin is my name, it means "shining fame" (it means "sissy" if your a boy though, ha!), but it's also the name of a little bird that sparked the idea for Robin's Nest. I want this to be a place you come to to relax, laugh, feel at home, and live vicariously - that is if you've ever wanted to live in Scotland with an infant while your husband is getting his PhD.  Oh wait?  You never wanted to try that?!

I especially love your comments as spending all day with a baby leaves a bit to be desired in the communication department.  Though I'm pretty sure when he is grabbing my face and slobbering on my jaw bone as he attempts to use me as a teether, it means he loves me.  It makes me feel like we're in a community (when you comment, not when Seth slobbers on my face!) instead of this awkward one-sided conversation, so don't be shy.

I'm glad you stopped by - kick off your shoes and stay awhile...

Robin and Taylor

Robin and Seth

Inces in Edinburgh