Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year

I promise I'm not being totally anti-social on this Saturday night by typing a blog post, but Taylor, our friend, Jeremy, and I are watching Jeremiah Johnson right now.

Enough said.

As I've been looking back on the New Year, and thinking about how negligent I've been in keeping up with this blog, I've decided to do a recap of sorts of our Fall 2009. I know y'all would prefer a long, witty, written post, but you'll have to settle on pictures and lame captions instead as all that comes to mind when trying to think of things to write is, "watch your topknot" or "can you skin grizz?"

Thanks a lot Jeremiah.

La Crae Concert July 2009

Me and Kait

Pastor Bobby with Mo, his son and bodyguard (obviously)

Aug 2009
Baker Ranch fishing trip with some of the LPBC youth
Jason, Josh, Matthew, Taylor, and Eddie (yes, he has a feather in his hair)

More Aug 2009...
One night we were having dinner at the Baker's, and we realized that it had gotten very quiet, so naturally we looked around to see where Lizzie had run off to...

All we needed to do was look down.

Future accountant maybe?

Nah, too cute!

And surprisingly, yes, that is my wallet full cash.
Thank you Pappas Burger for my first and last day as a waitress.

The really hilarious thing about this scenario is that Lizzie had been laser locked on my purse from the minute I showed up, so we put it up on Susannah's desk thinking surely it was safe from a 14 month old. Not only was she was able to get it down, but also completely unload my wallet before we even noticed anything was amiss. She's a sneaky one.

Shelly and Thomas' Wedding

Sept 2009
Date Night: Mexican Baroque Concert at Miller Outdoor Theater

Oct 2009
Jason Mraz Concert with Kaitlyn

Dad scored us some amazing seats - what a great concert!

Oct 2009 (and here we go again with the phantom blue)
My students transformed my classroom into the setting of our novel at that time, The Lightning Thief.

Welcome to "Camp Half Blood"

This is the backside of the Hermes cabin. From this angle it looks like a Hooverville (and this cabin would have fit right in), but I promise, the rest looked amazing. This was the only photo I had that didn't have students in it...

Picture my whole classroom filled with 12 cabins representing the different Olympian gods. My kids had to build the setting, take on the persona of one of the characters, write a speech, memorize it, and give it in character as other classes walked through on an interactive tour of camp, and dress up accordingly. I wish I had it on video. I love teaching GT!

Nov 2009
Our visit to Dallas to see the Neffendorfs
Taylor and Blaise

Dec 2009
Kaitlyn's Cheer Comp
Kaitlyn and Mom
Her team got 1st place in one category and 2nd in the other - go Eagles!

The Inces got a new addition to the family, 3 month old Annie. She is the boldest, most curious kitten I have ever seen. Her favorite pastime is terrorizing Merriweather.
She may look small, but don't let her fool you.

Here is the aftermath of Annie's antics:
Don't worry, Merri's not dead - I had Taylor check.
Poor thing, I snapped 5 pictures before she even moved a muscle!

On another note, I am very pleased at how many comments my last post rendered though I kind of coerced you guys into it.

Thanks for humoring me.

I got a grand total of 8, but Mom's and Susan's votes didn't show up. I am somewhat disappointed with the results since Taylor and I actually built one of the Snowmen and barely anyone voted for it. Actually I think Susan was the only one who did, and she helped us make it :) Oh well MacFrosty, I guess my readers don't have the same affinity for Scotland as we do - maybe next time.

And if Houston keeps up this arctic weather, that could very well be tomorrow.

I think until next time, all there is left to say is, "watch your topknot!"