Thursday, April 30, 2009

She had me at Costco

Besides worrying about getting our Visa applications in on time, there are a few things that are occupying my mind about our impending move to Scotland:

1. I know the official language is English, but will I really be able to understand what the heck they are saying? (I am brushing up on this by reading a fiction novel set in Scotland. See Taylor, I needed to buy Thorn in my Heart . It's for research purposes...)

2. Will I have a dishwasher? (not the kind that is bent over the sink, up to her elbows in dish soap, and has a Texas accent)

3. Will I have to go grocery shopping before each individual meal because our refrigerator is the size of a shoe box?

4. Will my diet consist of eating parts of animals I do not normally eat (or ever want to eat) and cannot pronounce?

5. Will I be able to get a job that does not require me to serve said food (or food at all for that matter)?

6. Will it be worth living in a beautiful and historic old city since I won't actually be able to see it? (Apparently it gets dark around 3 PM.)

OK, I know I sound high maintenance which should surprise all of you, but I am just kidding.


I'm not really worried about all of that stuff...just the food part because I LOVE TO EAT! Some might call me a picky eater, but I disagree. I'm not picky; I just know what I like and prefer to eat it. Maybe we could call it persnickety. I can live with persnickety.

Speaking of food, last night Taylor and I had dinner with some of our good friends, Mel and Chris. They met while working together for YWAM in none other than, Scotland. So we jumped at the chance to pick their brains and look at their pictures, so we would have a better handle on what we're getting ourselves into.

We ate dinner in their new gazebo on the back porch - the weather and food were glorious. Mel and I chatted about what to expect in a furnished apt so that I would know what to pack. And this is when the Lord gave me total confirmation that I could indeed survive living in Scotland for 3-5 years.

"So Mel, should I bring my dishes? Mixing bowls? Cutting boards? What won't be furnished that I need to bring with me, and what food will I miss?" I ask eagerly, pen in mid-air poised to take copious notes (OK you caught me...I'm not that organized and suffer from a false sense of having a great memory). But seriously, I do not want to be without what I consider typical kitchen necessities - I've already made plans to drive to San Antonio when we're in Houston to pick up some Rudy's BBQ sauce and have already stock piled Tabasco!

Nonchalantly she answers, "Nah - don't bring any of the kitchen stuff. You can get it all at Ikea cheaper than shipping it over. You'll find it, it's huge, and it's right next to Costco - you can't miss it."

"Did you just say Costco?" I shriek in disbelief. By now the guys have stopped in mid-conversation, wondering why my voice has risen multiple octaves. "Taylor, they have Costco in Edinburgh!"

Taylor turns to Chris to shed some light on my insane outburst, "Costco is basically Robin's second home."

And this is what I love about Mel and Chris. Instead of looking at me like I was a nutcase, they immediately advise, "Just make sure you cut the pizza in quarters before you try to bake it because the whole thing won't fit in the oven at once."

And with that - Scotland, here we come.


The Neffendorf Family said... know #5 would be a dream come true for me!
Enjoy the beautiful and historic old city, and just shop at Costco after 3pm! Going to Scotland after living in Texas might make the fridge and the oven and everything else even worse at first (do they have King Ranch F-350s and Hummers there?), but how fun to get to live life from a whole new perspective!

The Neffendorf Family said...

PS. previous secret post was my first source of news about the piggy virus. Sad. I need to get out more.

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