Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Home Sweet Home

This week is my spring break, and I have been trying to be really productive. I've been to the grocery store (4 different ones in one day), made chocolate chip cookies, cooked dinner every night (oh wait, that isn't true - Dear Papa John, Thank you for using only the freshest ingredients as it truly does make for a better pizza. Don't tell Papa J this, but I actually prefer Dominoes; they just won't deliver to our apartment after dark -whatever that's about), written thank you notes, watched Twilight the movie (which was highly underrated by the way), de-Merriweathered our furniture (Dear Pledge, Thank you for inventing the Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper. It truly works miracles including saving my cat from being given up for adoption. My trashcan full of enough cat hair to donate to Cat Locks of Love, however, does not thank you), wrote more thank you notes, and cleaned almost our whole apartment. My two goals for spring break were:

1) apply for work visa for Scotland
2) start packing

Hey, it's only Wednesday - I am good under pressure. If it weren't for having goals I wasn't motivated to fulfill, my apartment would never get cleaned.
And it's funny to scare Merriweather with the vacuum.

Anyway, my procrastination has led me to this post because how could I pack up our home sweet home of two whole years and not document what it looks like - can we say posterity? Plus, not all of you have gotten to see it (and probably never will now - thanks a lot - we'll be expecting you in Edinburgh since that is a city actually worth visiting).
So now, when you envision us in Charlotte, you will know just how to picture it. You just need to add some dust, laundry hanging over various chairs, and scattered cat toys because it will only look like this for approximately one whole day.

I am placing the pictures in order of how I see my apartment each day.
A day in the life of Robin Ince...
(5:30 am) I wake up in the most comfortable bed that I have ever slept in in my entire life (this bed is what I will miss most about Charlotte in case you were wondering - we can't take it with us to Scotland because it is so massive. I may miss it more than my mom next year. Mom! You're second, I promise (not fromise!))

My side has the chair for the bedside table, and if the lamp wasn't creating a glare, you could see my Anne of Green Gables boxed set.

Taylor is the best, the other day I was looking through a Pottery Barn catalogue (ahhh! I found out they don't have a Pottery Barn in the UK - what am I going to do?! Oh wait, we don't yet know how we're going to eat when we get over there. First things first I guess), and he pointed out a chair being used as a bedside table, "Look!" he exclaimed excitedly. "They copied us."

I love that he thought I thought of that idea on my own (I totally got it out of an old Pottery Barn catalogue by the way.)

Apparently Merriweather thinks it's funny to get in the bed while I try to make it. It is one of her favorite pastimes.

(6 am - no, it doesn't take us 30 minutes to make the bed. We are addicted to the snooze button.) I stumble blindly to the bathroom to put in my contacts.

Picture omitted due to uncleanliness - Mom, come back to visit soon!

(6:05 am) Enter kitchen to retrieve my steeping cup of tea lovingly made by my cute, crazy-haired husband - we're practising this Scotland thing as much as possible. (Thanks for the fun Easter towels Susan!)

(6:06 am - Ok, I know this is getting ridiculous) This is my favorite room in our apt, the sun room. I sit here each morning with my tea and have my quiet time. Merriweather loves to sit on my lap, on top of my Bible. I think since she can't read, she's trying to soak it in by osmosis - man, I remember wishing that would work with my biology book in high school.)

Ok, here is rest of it. I'll spare you the play by play...
The dining room (college roomies, notice the right drawer face is still missing :))

The guest room/Tay's office (see you could've stayed here!)

The living room (check out the books stacked under the coffee table - they're everywhere! Makes for less floor to vacuum)

Yes, I like feeling like I live on the set of Seinfeld!

Ok, the gig's up - this is really what it looks like, but I just moved the card table for each photo so you couldn't see it. It's like my Dad says, "I can't feel comfortable in a place that isn't a little messy and lived in, so I feel really at home in Robin and Taylor's apartment."

Thanks Dad. (I'll miss you just as much as Mom.)

Yay! One box. Now there's progress.
(Merriweather is now scrapbooking by osmosis - if only we could tap into that efficiency.)



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