Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Anne of Green Psycho

You're probably thinking right now, isn't it called Anne of Green Gables? And you'd be right. But this is what Taylor named me last night. I can't help it, I LOVE Anne Shirley. And Gilbert Blythe is perfect. I told Taylor not to be jealous.

Let me back up. This all started with a post by Beth Moore on her LPM blog. She, being a fellow book nerd (is it ok to call Beth Moore that? it seems wrong, but I'm going to go with it), asked her blog followers to comment on her post leaving the title of their favorite book so that we could share our "must reads". I was salivating when I stumbled upon this post a few days after she published it. To my dismay it had already been blocked from any more comments due to the volume of replies received (over 1500!), but who wants to read for the 1, 021st time that Redeeming Love was some one's favorite book anyway?

Side note: what is it with that book? Seriously, it was the winner by far - most people didn't follow my lead (or what would have been my lead had I gotten to actually leave a comment) of choosing your next favorite book because we get the picture, Redeeming Love is a great book! I had Taylor guess which was the most popular book listed, and he did - easily, I might add. So really, what is it about Christian women that makes this our favorite book? It bothers me that we are so predictable, but maybe that is indicative of why so many chose that book in the first place...

But, I digress.

Anne of Green Gables happened to be another big favorite among LPM blog commenters. Being a lover of free books, it quickly dawned on me that I had AoGG in my personal classroom library. My mom had gotten me the boxed set (all 6!) after I fell in love with the movie as a little girl. I just finished Anne of Windy Poplars (book 4) last night when I was labeled "Anne of Green Psycho" because did I mention that I LOVE it? I may have told Taylor that too.

Anne, "with an e" don't you forget, is just so lovable. At first she annoyed me with her "scope for imagination" business and being so bright-eyed and naive (kind of like the girl on Enchanted), but her zest for life is so refreshing. So I have been devouring this series in all of my spare time. I am in that place where I don't want to finish them, but I can't stop reading; you know, how books become like good friends, but then you know you'll have to put them back on the shelf when the story's over? Wow, nerd alert.

This has all led to my wanting to rent the movie again, but Blockbuster does not have it! Can you believe this? Actually I can, it is too clean and pure for them to grace their inventory with I suppose. After asking the Blockbuster guy to look it up and finding it wasn't in stock anymore, he promptly told me to buy it on Amazon and suckered us into buying a six-pack of coke and two boxes of candy. We left with a documentary called My Date with Drew which was actually quite good. Sorry Blockbuster for maligning you.

What is this world coming to when you can't even rent Anne of Green Gables? Tragical is what it is.


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