Monday, May 4, 2009

Footloose and Fancy Free

Do you ever get that nagging feeling that you have forgotten to do something really important? With my fabulous memory and all, my system is to make a mental note whenever I am reminded of something important I need to do so that I don't forget to do it later. Maybe I should figure out another way as I get that nagging feeling multiple times a day.

So this happened to me after reading Big Mama's post just a second ago. By the end, I had this terrible sinking feeling that I hadn't done something really important.  Once I figured out what it was, I had to let you join in on my insanity. Picture this:

Frantically I  scan back through her post searching for clues.

Nope, I didn't forget to do The Shred yesterday - that was on purpose. 
Nope, I didn't forget to put tater tots on my grocery list as I do not have a five year old. 
Nope, I definitely didn't forget to watch Nascar ( I am totally against this sport and all it stands for...actually I just think it's boring to watch cars drive around in circles - though whoever came up with this sport is genius as most of the sophisticated state of North Carolina tends to disagree with my opinion on its ability to provide endless hours of entertainment). 
Nope, I didn't forget to clean/organize my closet.

And then it dawns on me, and I laugh out loud. 

I am ashamed to write this, but at the genesis of this blog, I pledged my undying honesty (or something a little less dramatic) to my fellow blog readers, so here it is - my elusive mental note and cause for slight panic brought to light: 

Must research why Zac Efron isn't doing the remake of "Footloose" anymore! 

Wow - I really shouldn't be wasting such important brain space.

But I totally did look it up :) 

So obviously I am in need of your help.  Please leave a comment giving me much needed advice on how to remember things besides making mental notes because that is just making me crazy!



Susan said...

Without post-it notes, I would not 'remember' much! Maybe not anything! So, I'm buying you some post it notes for your next gift!!!

love, susan alias your other mom :)

Susan said...

There's a whole 'nother' side to you I didn't know about! And the best part is, I LOVE IT (the other side, of course)!!!

love, susan

kaitlyn said...

oh my gosh! so why isnt he in footloose?? haha wish you were in hawaii with meee and i'm not just saying that. all ive done so far is help meme pack up her kitchen, then i got to carry tons of heavy boxes up the tall stairs that lead to the front door at meme and papa's new house. it was great. haven't even been to kaanapali yet! cant wait to do the shred with you! hate it. love you and see you soon!

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