Tuesday, January 5, 2016

{Show and Tell Tuesdays} Reintroductions and Resolutions

I'm baaaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkkkk!

OK, so it's been 2 years since I've blogged - shameful I know, but I've been busy with things like moving overseas, having 2 babies, supporting my husband as he finishes his PhD and starts a new job, planting a church, buying our first house...just to name a few.  The last 2 years in review are at the bottom of this post if you want more details!

I'm going to try and blog more regularly by linking up with Andrea for her Show and Tell Tuesday posts.

Here goes...

Hi, I'm Robin.

I've been married to this handsome guy for almost 10 years.

I'm Mom of these crazies:
Seth, 5Avery, 3; Susannah, 15 mos, 
and two in Heaven: Tristan and William.

We've had our share of sufferingadventurebaking mishapsembarrassment, and culture shock.

If you're new to the blog at the very least read my most embarrassing moment.  I'm pretty sure that it tops most...here's a little teaser: it happened in front of THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND.

 I'm a former ex-pat and cut my teeth on parenthood thousands of miles away from our American culture and our families back in Texas.  We raised our kids in Edinburgh, Scotland while Taylor completed his dissertation at the University of Edinburgh (New College) in Old Testament and Hebrew.  We also each worked part-time for the ministry, Friends International.  Because of our stint there (we lived in university family housing), we made lifelong friendships that span the globe - from Iran to Ireland; Chile to China - we have A LOT of traveling to do. :) Living amongst these amazing people has given us a heart for the nations, and we're thrilled that the Lord has called us to the most diverse part of Houston.

I'm currently a church planter/pastor's wife and most importantly, lover of Jesus.

This year, I am resolving to blog regularly, take more pictures and keep them organized, read 2 books a month, exercise regularly, go to bed earlier, and develop weekly sermon guides for our youngest church family members when they begin to attend "big church".

For those who have missed us.  Here are the last 2 years in review (my last post left off in February 2014):

In March 2014, we celebrated Avery's 2nd Birthday.

We flew Stateside in April - July of 2014 for a few events:

Aunt Kaitlyn cheering for Team USA at the World Championships - they won 1st place!

Enjoying the happiest place on Earth

Participating in Uncle Nate and Aunt Ana's wedding

Resting and relaxing at Tutu and Papa's house

Baking at Mia and Popsie's

Celebrating this guy's 4th Birthday in June

Accepting a new job with Houston Church Planting Residency in July

...and a few days later, we headed home to Edinburgh to pack up four years of life for our little family to move back to Houston and start a new chapter.

In August, 9 months preggo with Susannah, the kids and I left Edinburgh and said good bye to these wonderful friends and flew home to Houston.  Taylor joined us a few weeks later after finishing up some research at Cambridge.

In September, Seth and Avery began preschool

Two weeks later, Susannah was born

My parents endured hosting us for the school year while we prayed and waited for the Lord to show us what area of Houston he'd have us plant in. (Apparently, we only took pictures when my siblings came to visit!)

Taylor submitted his dissertation in November!

We enjoyed our first Christmas as a family of 5!

In January 2015, the Lord gave us a calling to the Galleria area and our core team for Sojourn Galleria was born! Y'all!  We are beyond grateful for these faithful people!

We met weekly to pray for our fledgling church from January through March.

In late March, Taylor and I took Susannah on her first trans-Atlantic trip (outside of the womb at least) and headed back to Edinburgh for Taylor's dissertation defense and then Oxford for a short holiday.

He passed his oral defense (don't miss that book he wrote in his right hand - I'm so proud)!!

And then, a dream realized - Robin's first trip to Oxford!

Outside the Inklings favorite haunt, the "Bird and Baby"

Inside the oldest (and possibly the smallest!) pub in Oxford, The Bear

When we got back to the US, we kicked off our first official Sojourn Galleria parish!

We finished up the school year and bought our first house this summer!!!!!

Our amazing core team helped us paint this hot mess!

We stayed home this summer as we re-plumbed, painted, slightly remodeled, unpacked, and moved in - praise the Lord!

We got in a quick family holiday to the Hyatt Hill Country Resort before school started where Seth exclaimed, "this is the best day of my entire life" during our trip. I asked Avery if it was hers, and she looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Disney World" period. :) I have no pictures - can anyone say, New Year's resolution?!

The school year began with a new school for Seth.  He played soccer, learned to read, and is in the same class as his best friend and cousin, Caroline.  Avery is at the same preschool as last year and is "president of her class" according to the director. :)

On October 11th, Sojourn Galleria "soft" launched (started bi-monthly services without advertising so that we could work out the kinks) while Sojourn Heights and Sojourn Montrose celebrated their 5th and 2nd year anniversaries respectively! We're so thankful to be a part of the Sojourn Collective and for all of the Houston churches that support us with prayer, people, and finances.

In November we celebrated Thanksgiving with both sides of our families - needless to say we were full (both with food and gratitude)!

And again, in December, we celebrated Christmas with each of our families.  What a blessing to get to spend Christmas with all of our parents, siblings and nieces and nephews! In the car driving to my parents house, I was overwhelmed with what the Lord has done over the past year.  He's been so faithful to call us to a specific place, and we're so grateful that it is Houston where we get to see most of our family on a regular basis.

Christmas Eve with the Ince side

Christmas Day at our house

Christmas Day Eve with the Kellam side

This weekend marks the first big event of 2016: Sojourn Galleria officially launches this Sunday!  We'd love for you to join us in worshipping the King of Kings!

Happy New Year!


Jessica Primerano said...

I found your blog through the momfessionals link up, so nice to "meet you" :) you have had quite the 2 years! Happy Tuesday <3

Robin said...

Thanks! :)

Elaine Welte said...

What a fun year you've had! So much traveling! Praying the Lord blesses your family this year!

Zoha said...

Hi My dearest Robin,
Welcome back:) miss you so much here in the UK...
Thinking of you and so happy to see Seth, Avery and Susannah. They grow so fast :) miss all of you and your cosy , friendly and welcoming home in Edinburgh... Wish you all the best:)

kellylyfe.com said...

Yaaaaaaaaayyyyy! Welcome back! I can't believe how fast time flies! You all look well and it sounds like there's so much that God is doing in your lives. I look forward to more blog posts and pictures!

jennifer said...

Loved this summary. Miss you guys!

Ana Ince said...

So much to rejoice about! Looking forward to future blogs Robin!

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