Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Avery's 4th month

Thanks for all of the potty training encouragement yesterday.  I actually wrote that post about 2 weeks ago - I hope that doesn't make me seem not genuine.  I promise it's only because I am disorganized...

Here is a photo of my desk for proof:

Also proof of my lack of photography on that to come 

I had almost finished writing it, but then waited to post till I got permission from Taylor the person I mentioned in the post, and before I knew it, I was sidetracked by something else that needed to be done. (Squirrel! Anyone?) However, we're doing much better now on the potty training front: moved back to the froggy potty and put him on a schedule like you mentioned, Heidi, and it seems to be working.  Hoping to move from pull ups at bedtime very soon...if I can muster up the courage to possibly have to change sheets in the middle of the night.

Seth has gotten the spotlight a lot lately, so I wanted to write a post about Avery.  She is the easiest most laid back baby on the planet, and I am so thankful for this bundle of joy.  Taylor and I joke about how this age (anywhere between 10-18 months) is so beguiling - it must be the Lord's plan for keeping the population growing.  They hit 12 months and everything gets a little easier: they are sturdier, stinkin' cute, and so squeezable that you start thinking, we could do this again...

No, I am not making an announcement here.

So carrying on with the theme of posts I wrote a while ago and am just now getting around to posting (or maybe I should say should have written in this case). I give you Avery's 4 month photos. Obviously I am way behind on my month-to-month posts since Avery is 12 months on Saturday. If you've been here long enough, you know it's how I roll.

4 month milestones (if I can remember that far back):

first trip to the highlands
sleeping through the night again (thank goodness)
says "dada" - 4 months and already talking, I am in trouble

My first night in our new flat, and Seth's first night in his big boy bed...I'm not sure how I feel about this

I love Daddy - he shares my affinity for pink

Cousin Caroline comes to Edinburgh

Aunt Susu!
My first trip to the beach...I was really impressed

With Lils

beach in Gairloch - my first trip to the highlands

My first hike - Poolewe, Scotland

Beach at Mellon Udrigle

Applecross, Scotland

Eilean Donan - my first castle visit


Castles wear me out

Happy girl!

4 month photos by Sarah:


Unknown said...

I hesitate to tell you how we got Seth's daddy potty trained, but just for posterity, I'll let you know (so you'll know what you might be dealing with in the gene pool). He got it really well about going number 1. But when it came to going #2, he would NOT let us know and where ever we were, we would have to leave, since poo poo in the panties was pretty much a mess (you know what I mean). We cajoled him, bribed him with a Milennium Falcon from Star Wars, a gun he'd always wanted (we live in Texas) but not real of course. Nothing worked. Perhaps he just didn't want to quit playing , no matter what the prize! So, the last time it happened, we were at a friend's home for dinner and had to leave to take him home in the middle of our time there. On the way home, we told him that the next time it happened, he would get a HARD SPANKING. He never did it again. I guess the playing was far more of an enticement than the gun or the Milennium Falcon! Hopefully Seth will be a little easier!!!

beegee10 said...

precious! precious! precious!

what a delight to stumble upon robin's nest! can't wait to read more :-)

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