Monday, March 18, 2013

Seth's First Day of "School"

**Part of the "this actually happened a few months ago series"...

I can't believe it, but my baby had his first day of "school" today (mother's day out).

I didn't know what to expect, but I knew it was time.  As much as I hate change and don't like to think of him not being my little buddy during Avery's morning nap time, I knew it was best for him.  I wondered if he'd cry when I left, I prayed he wouldn't feel abandoned. I truly didn't know what to expect.

Every week when we go to baby and toddler group (basically the same thing as "school" but the moms stay), he says, "Mommy, we're going to brown church today not red church." By this he means baby and toddler group (with mom) not Sunday school (without mom).  Our church has wooden floors in the baby and toddler group room and red carpet in his Sunday school room.  I love his mind.

Every week he clings and cries when it's time to drop him off at Sunday school.  I am always hurried out the door by a Sunday school teacher while being promised that he'll be fine.  I wait outside the classroom door until he stops crying.  Once I am out of sight, he stops and looks for the nearest car to play with.  One of his teachers has picked up on this affinity and comes prepared almost eradicating the crying though not completely.  For the few seconds it takes to walk him through the door, kiss his cheek, and leave the room, the crying still happens.

Would he do this at mother's day out?  Could I leave him there with teachers who don't know about his car attachment?  Will they listen to his orations about cars and trucks? Will they help him name the new ones?  Will they watch him closely on the playground making sure the other kids are kind and that he's not trying to climb to the highest height of the jungle gym?

I know 2 1/2 hours apart isn't long, but I'm used to having him by my side "helping" or under my feet playing with his cars.  It's hard.

I bravely take him to his classroom and re-introduce him to his teacher.  After a quick nod he races to the cars and trucks corner and beams up at me, "Mommy, they have Scoop!"  he clutches the backhoe loader from Bob the Builder to his chest and then is hard at play.  I juggle paper work with one hand while shifting Avery on my hip finally getting everything to the head teacher.  By now, Seth is deep in play and hasn't looked for me.  I ask a teacher if I should tell him goodbye.  I want to, but I don't want to make it harder for him.  They tell me either way is fine, so I bend down to kiss his cheek, "Mommy is going to put Avery down for her nap Seppy, but I'll be back soon to get you.  Have fun with the other kids Baby."

"Bye Mama." He replies getting back to his trucks.

No crying - praise the Lord - and a great report when I picked him up.  When we got home, all he wanted was for me to hold him in my lap.  I asked him about "school" and he told me all about the trucks and his snack ("milk, crackers, and cheese, but I didn't eat it because I don't like cheese, and bell-y peppers (thanks Goofy)."

First Day of School


Unknown said...

I got teary when I read your comments on Seth's first day of school. One, because I love to see how much you love being a mom to my grand babies. Two, because it gives me, his Mia, a window into his world and his personality. Three, because it makes me miss him all the more and wish I could be there to see him on his first day of school and four, it takes me back to when my babies went to their first day of school. My mother's heart still remembers how hard it was to watch them grow up. But the hardest part is yet to come...just wait till Seppy has his first girl friend! Just pray that Seth marries a woman as wonderful as his mom! I prayed for an amazing wife for my baby son and look who I got?!! Prayer works! Love you Robs.

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