Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Potty Training isn't for Sissies

Potty training is about to kill me.

And no, not because I've been trying for a year.  My grand plan at starting at 18 months was quickly punted when I realized that being 7 months pregnant and potty training didn't go together...at least not when the potty trainer is me.  I began again, half-heartedly when he turned 27 months.  He was kind of interested.  Went on the froggy potty a couple of times, but I didn't feel like he was committed enough and I didn't want to play the, "do you have to go potty now?" 20 times a day game.

At 2 1/2 he seemed to be ready.  We stayed home for a week in our kitchen since it's the only place in our flat that doesn't have carpet, and by Friday, he had it down.  I didn't even have to ask if he had to go, he'd tell me. Being confined to the kitchen drove us (me!) completely stir crazy which led to testing if he could handle it when we left the house.  He could!  It was great!  I was so proud! He even transitioned to the big potty easily!

I thought we had it down.  But for the past 36 hours, he's gone in the potty once.  Once people.  He has one pair or clean trousers left.  What has happened?!

When I ask him why he didn't tell Mommy he had to go he says, "I wanted to play."

Apparently someone else in our family (who will remain nameless) had similar tendencies. Yay for me!

So what do I do?  Take his cars away? Give him candy again for going on the potty?  Let him go back to the froggy potty?

Help. Me.

Seth and two of his loves: his cars and peanut butter "swamwiches"
Seth and his other love...Mickey Mouse


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