Wednesday, January 27, 2016

{Show and Tell Tuesdays} Momfessionals

OK so a week and a day behind on Show and Tell Tuesday, and so far, not doing so great on my goals which actually fits with the "momfessional" theme quite nicely...obviously I planned that and it has nothing to do with my procrastination skills...

Momfessional #1:

Yeah those are my Christmas New Year Valentines Day?? cards - pathetic.  I do this every year that I don't love our family picture for the card. I am always way on top of ordering them (got them in the mail on Nov 28th to be exact) and then never got around to mailing them.  I procrastinate on anything that has to do with the post office (well any governmental office to be exact).  Case and point...

Momfessional #2:

Last year my wallet got stolen with my social security card and 2 of our kids' cards too. It took me 11.5 months to take care of it. I hate doing things that waste my time and governmental offices seem to have a knack for that.  My sister-in-law had to go to get her Chinese daughter's card, so Susu and I tagged along.  And to be fair, it was easy, super easy (scarily easy in fact), and the nice lady who helped me didn't even comment on how long it had been since they had been stolen.

Momfessional #3:

I don't enjoy bathing my kids - we were great about bathing them every night as part of the bedtime routine in Scotland when the older two were little, and then when we lived at my parents' house last year, but now that we're in our house, we shoot for...well let's just say every night is a pipe dream😬. In my defense, we don't have a bathtub and the kids aren't huge fans of the shower.  On the upside, we do have a pool - that totally counts, right?

Momfessional #4:

If we have homemade dessert in our house, it's fair game for breakfast.

{Pink Champagne Bundt Cake}
{Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake}

Momfessional #5:

I totally wrote this post in the locker room of my office gym instead of working out while my kids were in the nursery.

I'm going to try really hard to be on time for next week's Show and Tell Tuesday!

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