Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January Goals

Here's an update on how I did with my goals this month to help keep me accountable!

#1 Blog regularly:

I don't think twice a month constitutes regularly, but it's better than 2015, so we'll call that a win.

{Show and Tell Tuesdays} Reintroductions and Resolutions
{Show and Tell Tuesdays} Momfessional Moments

#2 Take more pictures and keep them organized:

This goal needs to be amended as my computer is broken and won't open my iPhone when I open iPhoto and to boot, my phone died last Wednesday (this is why I am not responding to your calls and texts :)).  So maybe my goal should be to get my phone fixed (if that's even possible!) and get my computer back from the shop (they've had it for over a month!).  I'll check back in about this next month.

#3 Read two books a month:

Check!  I love to read and thanks to getting a Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday last month this was easily completed.  I wish I could say my books were more impressive and cerebral, but they're not!

First I re-read one of my favorite book from about 10 years ago:


The Boy Next Door by Meg Cabot (Author of the Princess Diaries though this book isn't YA lit)

This is a quick and clever read - the whole book is written through email exchanges.  The pop culture references definitely date the book, but I enjoyed re-reading it, and I'm not big on re-reading books.

My second book I found after seeing the author recommended during Shay's Monthly Book Reviews last year.

The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty

I bought this immediately after I got my new Kindle because it was only $1.99 - no brainer!  Plus, I liked another novel by Moriarty, The Husband's Secret, that my mom lent me months back.  I finished both of Moriarty's books in a few days - they are mysteries that have lots of unexpected twists and turns.  I love trying to solve the mystery before it's resolved in the book.

I'm currently halfway through reading a book Shay reviewed last month, but I do not like it AT ALL so far...we'll see next month how the review goes.  I get most of my book recs from her comment section on these monthly posts, but if you have any great recs,  please leave a comment!  I need some good non-fiction ideas too.

#4 Exercise regularly

Today I am writing this post from the comfort of my home

...instead of going to the gym. (And yes that is a Krispy Kreme doughnut - my mom-in-law brought it by when she picked up Susannah, "the hot light was on, so I figured I had to stop!" :) )

I did join a gym and participated in one class and have used the track and elliptical machine a few times, but my exercise has been more random than regular. 

#5 Go to bed earlier

See goal #3 - I'm a night owl and with 3 kids and a church plant budding, there isn't a lot of extra free time, so on nights that we're not scheduled (read: two nights a week if I'm lucky - Tuesdays are sacred - don't plan a party or invite us over on a Tuesday, we won't come!), I watch netflix and/or read. So going to bed early hasn't happened thanks to my Kindle and this...

Taylor and I have never owned a TV since we've been married, so that coupled with living in Britain for almost half a decade, we're not up to speed with American TV.  I just started season one of Suits this month and I'm hooked!

#6 Develop weekly sermon guide for kids in Worship

For now, I am developing all of the system ins and outs with some other ladies on our core team for all of our Sojourn Kids stuff - the sermon guides will come this summer!

Here are my February Goals:

See you tomorrow for Show and Tell Tuesday!


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