Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{February Foodfest} I Heart Brussel Sprouts

Wow,  no excuse for my lack of blogging this Monday.  But does Monday ever need an excuse?

It was a big day though, my c-section has now been scheduled for March 16th.  So glad to have an end in sight!  It was agony waiting the extra 3 whole days for Seth to come :).  At least there is one benefit to having a c-section.  Thankfully my doctor agreed with our plan to let me try for a natural delivery if Baby Girl decides to make her debut before the 16th - since she'd be more than a week early at that point, it's more likely she'll be small enough to be safe for me to deliver that way, so we're praying she comes on her own March 15th!

As for our February budget update, on Monday we were down to 6 pounds and 2 p left for this month after a quick run to Tesco for bread and then to Sainsbury's for Brussel sprouts cause, y'all,  when they brought our grocery order Sunday night, the only item they didn't have for our order was Brussel sprouts.  I was beside myself.  I had been looking forward to them for two weeks!  Since we haven't been doing grocery orders this month due to my lack of budgeting at the beginning of the month, I was having to live without because our little neighborhood Tesco doesn't carry them.  And they are definitely my most constant pregnancy craving.  I could go make some right now (and it's 3:40 pm).  I just got sad cause we're not having them for dinner tonight, but I guess they don't really "go" with cheese enchiladas and black bean soup.  I'm big on food "going together." It's kind of like middle school.

So, Brussel sprouts - does that seem like a weird craving?  I like them a lot when I'm not pregnant too, but the difference is when I am pregnant, we eat them at least 2 times a week - that is when I haven't gone crazy with the grocery budget.  And I assure you, the craving has nothing to do with living in Britain.  For those of you that didn't know, they are obsessed too, but we have very different methods of preparing them.  When asking my British friends about what they eat for Christmas dinner, Brussel sprouts are always on the list and usually one of their favorite dishes.  It's kind of like pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. They couldn't believe it when I told them the first time I even tried Brussel sprouts was in my late 20s.  To my knowledge, my mom has never made them.  Because of my lack of experience, I jumped on the Brussel sprouts are disgusting bandwagon early.  I think I was indoctrinated through the countless readings of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs  (Brussel sprouts and gorgonzola only for the whole day?!)

But I have been reformed!

Here is the recipe if you're a fellow Brussel sprout lover or want to get over your unfounded Brussel sprout prejudice - I dare you!

The Most Delicious and Easy Brussel Sprouts Ever
recipe by my mom-in-law: thanks Susan for making this pregnancy so happy!

You're on your own for measurements because I am in the land of the metric system.

1 bag of Brussel sprouts (280g I think - but to Americans, believe me I know how unhelpful this is)  already trimmed and washed because due to my lack of exposure, I wouldn't even know what part of the sprout you are even suppose to trim off. And I'm 9 months pregnant - I'm all about time management in the kitchen.
3 large cloves of garlic, minced
some crushed red pepper - you decide how much spice you want; it doesn't take a lot
EVOO - depends on how many sprouts you're using.  I start out with about 2 T and then add if they're getting too dry

Cut the sprouts in half while EVOO is heating up in a skillet on med-hi heat.

Add garlic and stir for a bit (maybe 30 seconds so it has time to flavor the oil).

Add sprouts and sprinkle red pepper.

Stir fry till desired done-ness (did I just make up a word?)  Ahh I just realized I left my black beans simmering on the stove for too long.  Be right back!

Whew - dinner disaster averted.

So I like to cook my sprouts till the cut side is kind of browned.  They usually end up cooking for about 20 minutes.



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