Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Long, Tall Texan

You're probably thinking, awww, what a cute picture of Seth. But actually, in the Ince household, this elicited,

"TAYLOR! You've got to see this!"

Let me back up. I had just put Seth down for his morning nap. He is what is noted as an "angel baby" for those of you who are familiar with The Baby Whisperer; for the uninitiated, you can probably figure out what that is by the name. So obviously Seth is a great napper. He goes in his crib awake, talks to his "friends" on his mobile, squeals with delight, and then almost immediately gets quiet and falls asleep.

This particular morning, I heard him laughing, so due to my "FOMO" complex (that is Fear Of Missing Out - dubbed by my brother-in-law, Jason), I had to spy on him to see what was so apparently hilarious.

And. I. See. This.

Now you're probably thinking, what's the big deal?

And it wouldn't be a big deal unless you knew that this is how I put him in his crib originally (notice the placement of the "Sleep Sheep").

He turned completely in a circle, on his back, with one arm out of his swaddle! This may not seem like a big deal, but the cribs here are miniscule leaving little room for our ridiculously tall 4 month old.

So I sat in his room (in the dark) to see how he accomplished such a feat. Here are my discoveries:

I hope you're noticing how he doesn't take his eyes off of his friends :)

That is until he realized he had an audience. Related to Taylor Ince much?

Somebody is pretty pleased with himself!

So I leave him like this to begin his nap. (above)

Come back to check on him and he is like this! (below)

What am I going to do? Has my angel baby flown away?





And this is how he was when I went to get him up.

Time for the Inces to invest in a circular crib...


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