Friday, October 1, 2010

Culture Shock Part I: The Blue Kitchen

Math is not my friend.

And it's all because of that guy in America who decided we wouldn't be on the metric system like everywhere else in the world.

Thanks a lot.

He is the bane of my existence in Edinburgh.

The math comes in as part of my job. I never thought I would need to use math as part of my job and have avoided it at all costs. I was totally that kid who complained during math class.

When am I ever going to use this?

I'd like to take the time now to apologize to all of my former math teachers who had to answer this question (or at least hear it) innumerable times over the course of their teaching careers because, it's true. I hate to admit it, but I do need math.

Wow, that was a really big step for me.

No, I am not getting my PhD in electrical engineering. No, I did not get a job as a banker at Royal Bank of Scotland. No, I am not teaching Seth his numbers...yet.

I am just a mom trying to keep my family fed.

And for those of you who know Taylor's metabolism, well, this is not an easy task.

So the question of the day in the Ince household is not, what's for dinner?

But, will we eat before 9 pm?

This is not because I am a particularly slow cook...anymore (I can hear you laughing in disbelief all the way from Charlotte). No, it's because my recipes call for cups, ounces, pounds etc, and I'm pretty sure they've never heard of those in the UK. It's maddening! I've resorted to having my computer in the kitchen with me while I fix dinner. I either have to google a conversion calculator or skype my father-in-law when it says I can't convert grams to cups. (Thanks Popsie!)

Secondly, the oven is, of course, in Celsius not Fahrenheit, and even when I calculate the difference, it still messes up my food.

Case and Point:

This is supposed to be banana bread.


Here is my assortment of measuring utensils:

Thank you IKEA for anticipating my dilemma (though I still haven't figured out what DL is used for).

Yes, this is a blender. What?! It's the only thing in my kitchen that has measurements for ml!

Side note: This blender is basically the UK version of a Vitamix. We got it from a resale shop for 15 pounds. Score! Except for the fact that it takes up way too much space.

These yellow ones make me the most crazy as I thought it was a cup, 1/2 cup etc for cooking with dry ingredients. Not the case. So basically I use the big one to get the flour out of the jar. Please somebody send me some measuring cups!

The silver ones actually measure T and t etc. Needless to say I had the wherewithal to bring those with me from the States. Thanks Becky - I smile every time I use these cute spoons!

So mostly this post was to let you in on some of the culture shock, to show you how my foggy brain is being challenged, and especially to post pictures of our flat since y'all keep emailing me for pictures of our flat. It's not homey yet hence the dragging of the feet.

The kitchen is the only room that is presentable at this point. Though, the blue curtains are definitely not acceptable and will not be living here much longer.

That's right. You see a washing machine in the kitchen. Where the dishwasher should be.

But that's a whole different post.

Chopping blocks courtesy of IKEA make for an optional kitchen island or offers extra seating when bar stools are added. We can seat 10 in our kitchen - great for having students over for dinner!

Come visit us.

You could eat in this very kitchen.

Soggy banana bread, but you could eat it in this very kitchen.

In Edinburgh.

With this ridiculously cute baby.


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