Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nap Time These Days

I am what you call a "scheduled" mom.  This is ironic if you know me in person because "scatterbrained" would probably be close to the top of the list if you were asked to describe me.  I am not organized, and I don't even use a calendar (much to Taylor's chagrin).  I don't know how the "have it together'' gene skipped me because my mom is like an organization genius.  

When it came to having a baby, I knew that I had to redirect all of my organizing power (what little I possessed) from being a teacher to being a mom.  It is all used up there and none is left for my life, but it works for Seth.  He has been a great sleeper and is fairly predictable which helps minimize whining and frustration.  

But we've moved into new territory.  Now instead of me having to watching the clock and for the typical signs (ear pulling, yawning, wanting the paci), he basically just tells me it's nap time.  

I know - still in his pajamas...don't judge! He takes an early morning nap!

Thanks Seth for making it so easy to be your mom.  I hope Little Bits follows in your angel-baby footsteps!


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