Tuesday, November 26, 2013

{12 Days of Christmas Traditions} Day Four: Christmas Movies

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Ok - I wrote this post on Friday, but it's lame, so I didn't publish, but I'm going to anyway because I just signed up for bloglovin and claimed my blog and it told me to post the above code to my next post.  So here you go!

This is going to be short (I can hear you sighing in relief after my last 3 posts!) because it's Friday night and this mama is tired! It's been a long day filled with being in the car for hours only to go to Costco (and no it's not a long drive from our house; it's just a long story), teaching a German friend how to make Thanksgiving side dishes, reading Gingerbread Baby and Each Peach Pear Plum, racing Miles Axelrod against Chick Hicks (Miles totally won by the way...though I'm unclear on how he escaped from jail), cleaning up spilled milk etc.  I might just have to turn in early and watch a Christmas movie, but first I'll give you my list of top ten must see before December 25th.  Before I start, here are the links for the past posts.

{12 Days of Christmas Traditions}
Day One: Christmas Playlist
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Day Three: Christmas Book Countdown

Day Four: Christmas Movies
Here is my top 10:

#10 - Christmas Story

I know,  how could this be #10? Because they play it 24 hours straight on Christmas day that's why.  It's too much a part of Christmas for me not to watch it each year, but once is plenty.

#9 - How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Last year, I showed this movie to Seth for the first time.  He's a HUGE Dr. Seuss fan and of course loved it.  And yes.  We've already watched it this season. :)

#8 - Home Alone 2

If you loved the first one, you loved this one too! And as you'll see, I LOVE the first one.

#7 - Miracle on 34th Street


#6 - Any cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but if you're looking for me at my in-laws house at Christmas time, if there is any down time, it's safe to bet I'm on the couch watching a Hallmark Christmas movie with my mom-in-law.

#5 - Iron Man 3

Taylor said this one shouldn't count, but I plan on adding it to my Christmas movie repertoire.  I know it's a weird choice, but I LOVE all of the Iron Man movies as well as The Avengers.  And Iron Man 3 is set during Christmastime - so there.

#4 - The Family Man

Taylor had never seen this movie before we got married, so it was fun watching it with him the first time.  He loves it and cries every time we watch it when Nicolas Cage gives his speech at the airport. This movie has such a great message!

#3 - Elf

Do I need to give a reason?

#2 - Christmas Vacation

This one narrowly misses #1.  I love the family dynamics and the neighbors too! But can someone please explain to me why the grandparents were given the room with the bunk beds and the brother and sister had to share a bed?  This always bothered me.

#1 - Home Alone

There are a handful of movies I can vividly remember watching in the theater as a child: The Little Mermaid, Father of the Bride, and Home Alone and so each of them are dear to my heart.  My memory of watching Home Alone is one of pure laughter (and I'm a tough sell); it brings back such great memories from my childhood. And I'm pretty sure it's my brother's favorite movie of all time - Mark, we'll have to watch it on Skype or something this year :).

I left off It's a Wonderful Life on purpose - maybe this makes me a terrible person, but bo-ring!

Oh and as a side note, did any of you children of the 80s watch that Alien Santa Claus movie?  I can't remember what it's called, but my grandmother owned it and Mark and I looked forward to watching it every year - not sure why we loved it so much because I'm pretty sure it was super lame, but that was one of our favorite Christmas traditions when we celebrated with that side of the family. :)

What are your must see Christmas movies?  What about kid Christmas movies?


Natalie Moore said...

Robs, since you're living in the Greats of Britain, you probably should add "The Snow Man" to the to-watch list. Especially since you can have trying to sing to it for weeks and weeks. xo

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