Tuesday, December 3, 2013

{12 Days of Christmas Traditions} Day Five: Christmas Shopping and A Giveaway

Not my giveaway, but Shay and Sheaffer's.  It's a $500 gift card to Nordstrom - get on it (especially if you're not finished Christmas shopping)! Click here to enter.

I'm back after an unplanned hiatus thanks to Thanksgiving shenanigans and a head cold! Below are my previous posts if you're interested.

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Day Five: Christmas Shopping

Ok, so it's December 3rd, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed - did you get any good deals? I definitely took advantage - yay for the internet giving me the ability to shop from the UK at US stores in my pjs with a cup of coffee and Christmas music of my choosing!  Incidentally, I made all of my Christmas songs from Day One (plus a few extra!) into one playlist on youtube - click here if you want it.  I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping - whew!

Christmas can be EXPENSIVE, so I try to plan ahead as much as possible; that way when Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around, I know what I'm looking for.  I also research ahead of time to check out prices so I know what really is a deal when things go on sale. Otherwise I get super overwhelmed and either buy things that I didn't plan on or freeze up and don't buy anything at all. I also keep my eyes open all year so that when things go on sale or I find a treasure at TJ Maxx in October (Air Lighting McQueen marked down from 55 GBP to 16 GBP - yes, please!) or a garage sale/car boot sale in May (Buzz Lightyear for 2 GBP instead of  67 GBP - are you kidding me?!) Here is a useful and free printable I found on Pinterest to organize myself (I need all the help I can get!).  I'd post mine, but I don't want to give any presents away:).

I also love Melanie's tradition for Christmas shopping.  Basically she grabs her best friend, they send their husbands and children to the ranch for the weekend, and they knock out all of their shopping AND wrapping in a fun girls weekend, but you should read her account because she's hilarious.  I can't wait to do this tradition with my sister and sisters-in-law if I ever live in the same city as any of them!  Maybe next year...

I realize this post would've been more helpful BEFORE Black Friday, but as I mentioned above, it wasn't possible.  I am just now recovering from celebrating Thanksgiving twice last week! Taylor commented last night, "Thanksgiving leftovers again for dinner?" He's not a fan of Thanksgiving - turkey in particular.  I told him he's not going to be excited about my weekly meal plan because it looks like this.

If you have any great turkey recipes so I can change it up at all, please leave me the recipe in the comment section!

Here's a peek into our Thanksgiving weekend:

Indoctrinating our Scottish friends!

Avery takes after Daddy and isn't a big Thanksgiving food fan

Thankful for pigtails and dressing them up Christmas-y for church
now that it's December!

Thankful for these Turkeys!
Thankful for Taylor's old pea coat!

Thankful he loves people so much.
His favorite past time after church is
greeting all of our church family coming for the second service.
Thankful for the best daddy and husband ever!

Thankful for our flat!

Happy (late) Thanksgiving!

I'll be back tomorrow talking about our Jesse Tree Tradition!



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