Tuesday, December 10, 2013

{12 Days of Christmas Traditions} Day Seven: Christmas Shirts

Ok, this tradition isn't very intentional about pointing our kids to Jesus, but it is fun!  And it supports my friend Andrea, so it's intentional in that way.  Andrea owns an Etsy shop and does lots of cute monogrammed things for babies and kids.  She started her shop after her first child was born (she now has 3 cute kiddos!).  Her husband and I taught at the same school way back when!  The pumpkin shirts you saw on my kids in previous posts were also from her shop, as are their St. Patrick's Day and birthday shirts I do each year to go with their party theme (Avery will get this one this year:)), and if you've ever received a baby gift from me, Andrea probably made it!

Once they're big enough for a shirt instead of a onesie, I always order a size up so it will last for 2 years.  Seth's shirt is the one I bough for him 2 years ago (size 2) .  He also has one from last year with Santa on it (size 3).  Avery's is a size 2.

The kids love their shirts though getting a photo of both of them with their reindeers visible was harder than I bargained for!  

you want us to look at the camera?

what if I just smile instead?

Oh, you're trying to take a picture of his reindeer?

Or mine?
Look Mom, I'm smiling and looking!

This is as good as it gets people.
Note to self, do not schedule professional family photos when you have toddlers.
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