Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Re-Cap in (Mostly) Pictures

Why I've been M.I.A....

We visited London with great friends, Elise and Jonathan, helping me cross off an item at the top of my "Bucket List."  


This may have been a TOP 3 trip for me. Thanks for all of the suggestions on my "London Town" post; however, due to our accommodation location (stone's throw from St. James Palace!!!), we stayed in that part of town, so I didn't make it to the Tower of London or St. Paul's Cathedral.  All that means is I must return soon!  (My mom and I are already planning a short trip in July!)

Buckingham Palace

Trafalgar Square

Hyde Park
 Jonathan and Tay (by Buckingham Palace)
Eating crepes with Elise
Close to Kensington Palace

View of St. James Palace from our balcony!

Quintessential London

Westminster Cathedral - a week after the royal wedding!
More Westminster
Big Ben - Taylor got to go sit in on Parliament!

Seth at Big Ben - what a ham!  
Seth's favorite thing he saw all day
He even managed to stick his finger up the horse's nose.  I don't think the horse's rider was a big fan!
Whitehall Banquet Room

I love how you can find Texas anywhere - it really is that big y'all.
Thanks Jonathan and Elise for a wonderful vacation made so not only by the fun location, but by the company!

After an intense plane ride (London to Houston, 9 and 1/2 hours, with a mobile and extremely energetic 11 month old, all. by. myself. Did I mention I was ALL BY MYSELF!?), we made it to hot and sunny Houston where Seppy was happily handed over to ecstatic grandparents.  Under the circumstances - no morning nap, all day flight - Seth really did pretty well.  Didn't God bless mothers with such short memories for things like this?  Otherwise, we'd still be in Houston.

Our time was glorious though too short.

Seth and Cousin Caroline

Seth and Uncle Craig

Emry and Seth checking out the dogs.  Seth learned the word "dog" after being in Houston for only one day.

"Liddy, I'll trade you this phone for those keys.  Whaddya think?"
"Not happening Sethers."

"Kim!  She won't give me the keys!"

Bobbing for cheerios.
Why use your hands when you can use your whole face?  What can we say?  We both love dogs.

 Celebrating Jason's 40th!!

Seth and Lizzie - headed to the pool

Seth and Tutu

Seth with Aunt Kait

Seth and Seanair

I love Dada's hats!

Mom and her crazy baby bangs (phenomenon explained here for the uninitiated)!

Twins with Dada

Seth with Aunt Susu and Caroline with Uncle Tay Tay

We love our pacis!

11 month pictures in the rose garden thanks to Seanair (photographer) and Popsie (rose expert)

Absolute fave

Family shot (coordination with backdrop was coincidental!)

Other fave

Baker, Kellam, and Ince clans headed to the pool

Sweet Caroline

Distracted by Kaitlyn jumping off the diving board

Birthday boy (well not quite yet, but he doesn't know that!)

Seth and Popsie

"I am one!  I am the boss!"

"Happy Birthday to me!"

Tutu and Seanair

Uncle Nate

Popsie and Mia

We loved being with our Houston family and friends!  And I have to say, our flawless plane ride back caused to me reconsider ever taking him on an airplane again.  He slept the entire flight from Newark to Edinburgh. PTL!


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