Friday, May 6, 2011

London Town

I am still here!  I've been super busy hence the almost month that has passed since my last entry.  I've been working on about 5 posts, but none are finished; however, I'm thinking y'all are getting tired of seeing my last post!  By the way, thank you for your prayers and gifts (Barb!!) because Seth has only done this once since I wrote that post, and it happened to be the first night that Taylor's mom was in town.  She had come prepared thanks to Barbara who sent us some peepee teepees!  OK, enough about bodily functions...

We are heading to LONDON soon with our dear friends Jonathan and Elise.  I have never been before, so this is a HUGE deal for me.  I have been an anglophile most of my teen and adult life - I have read fiction (Dickens, Shakespeare, Jane Austen of course, lots of Phillipa Gregory, and let's be honest, the whole Shopaholic series), non-fiction (biographies), and travel books. You name it; I've probably read it, so I can't even wait to see in person all of the places I have read about over the past 15 years.  I am slightly overwhelmed because I know there is a ton to see, but we will only be there for a couple of days, so bloggy friends, I need your help paring it down!  If you have been to London, leave a comment for me on one "must see."  I am especially interested in the historical aspect of it (Henry the VIII - Elizabethan period) and after watching the Royal Wedding (twice!), the present monarchy.

Here are some photos showing what we've been up to lately:

Aunt Kait's visit

Celebrated Aunt Kait's 18th b-day

Date Night for Mom and Dad!

Aunt Kait working on her goal of doing a back flip in every foreign city she visits

Enjoying Spring!

Reading with Daddy - his voice is so soporific!

Seth's first trip to the ER (April 8th)

Seth's first Easter

Picking out a hat to wear for the Royal Wedding!

More guitar practice

More cuteness

Seth playing his very own guitar while standing up all by himself (mom's arm in the background just in case!)

Mia's visit

Lots of walking practice

Palace with Mia

Loving the cherry blossoms!

Attended a Royal Wedding party


Joy said...


Last year when I went we did the double decker bus tour one day. It was a great way to see all of the touristy things throughout London and you could get off on any stop and get back on after you tour the castle or whatever you wanted to see on the route. However, our tour guide was AWFUL so that made it so much less enjoyable! I'm sure there are some amazing ones though but just wanted to give you a heads up! :)

I'm so sad y'all didn't get to see The Dunvegan while visiting St. Andrews-- They would have loved to see a fellow Aggie! :) Also, there is a big chance I may be moving there for four months to work at the hotel so if I do I would LOVE to see y'all since the towns are so close!! I hope y'all had a great visit with Mia & to see you soon! xoxo, Joy

Erinn Warton said...

The London Eye was pretty cool- and St. Paul's Cathedral (attend a service if you can). :)

The Strauss House & Co. said...

It's a bit of a trek but the Crown Jewels/Tower of London is definately worth it. You can get around pretty quickly with the Underground, and there is quite a bit bunched together: London Eye, Westminster Abby, Westminister Clocktower/Big Ben, Parliment. I loved the history surrounding the Tower of London. How long are you there? Drej and I spent two days in London and we saw a lot...

Taylor and Robin said...

Thanks for the great advice so far!!

Sarah - you are speaking my language! I am so interested in the Tower!
Erinn - we will be there over a Sunday, so maybe we can pull it off. If not, maybe they have an Evensong...
Joy - that would be AMAZING if you moved to St. Andrews. Please keep in touch about it. We'd love to have you so close by!!

Is everyone else having trouble seeing my photos too??

The Strauss House & Co. said...

Yeah...still can't see the photos. :o(

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