Monday, April 4, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I love our apartment complex.

Love. It.

Lots of neighborly love going on around here.  Sometimes too much.

I thought this exchange an apt depiction and hilarious glimpse into our little community:

** Disclaimer: The following is a conversation between two of the kids from our complex to one of their moms.  I'm changing their names to protect the innocent honest.**

Picture Emily : she is a striking 6 year old, first child, extremely articulate, and I am completely jealous of her wardrobe.  She has a mustard color peacoat that is to die for!

Picture Timothy: he is 5 years old, also a first child, full of energy, a born leader.

Picture Timothy's mom: she is from the South, mom of three, and the most hilarious woman in our apartment complex.  Just think of her as a female Taylor - she's that funny.

They happened to be out in the garden on an uncharacteristically quiet day (usually the garden is buzzing with activity the minute school lets out now that it actually stays light past 3 pm).  Emily and Timothy had been playing with another little girl, Holly, who doesn't live in our complex. After awhile, Timothy's mom noticed he and Emily weren't playing with Holly anymore.  She called them over and asked what was going on.

Timothy piped up, "We're having trouble getting along with Holly." This was obvious and the reason Timothy's mom had called them over in the first place, but experienced mom that she is, she replied,

"Oh," cocking her head to the side and solemnly nodding, drawing the kids in for further explanation.  She's a good listener like that.  Makes you want to tell her things.  Experienced Mom Trick that I need to perfect so I'm ready once Seth can say more than "hi", "dada", and "mama."

I digress.

So back to Timothy's mom nodding solemnly...

"But," Emily chimed in with an equally solemn expression, "we decided to do what the Bible says."

Timothy's mom, now on the edge of her seat, asked (keeping her poker face of course), "which part?"

"Treat others how you want to be treated," Emily said matter-of-factly.  Timothy's mom calmly commented, "that is a really good idea," while doing mental fist pumps and singing the Hallelujah Chorus in her head.

Emily continued, "so we tried that.


That didn't work.  So we decided to treat Holly the way she was treating us."


Since I can't include a photo of them (though I am sure they will show up on here some other time), here are some photos of some of what we were up to in March.

Talking with Mr. Frog

Hanging out with bff

Hiking the Crags

Playing with our toes


Trying to grab the camera

Just plain being cute

Lots of cuteness going on here


Abigail said...

LOL!!! That is a great are hilarious!

Cat said...

that is just too much to handle! best blog post i've read today! :) thanks!

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