Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby Mozart?

A typical day at the Ince house:

Desired object in pursuit on
Pause for a push up break




Maybe this post should've been named Baby Dave Matthews...

But seriously, this is Seth's favorite toy.  Taylor plays it for him when he gets home from school.  The second Seth sees it, he makes a beeline straight for it,  pulls himself up on it, and starts strumming it, banging on the side of it, or crying because his fingers are stuck in the strings only to begin again once daddy frees stuck fingers.

He LOVES the guitar.

He already has pretty good rhythm too.  Taylor wants to buy a ukulele for him because a toy guitar would be colorful plastic, and well, will look like a toy in which case Seth will immediately shun it.

I have to hide the guitar in our room during the day because that is the only thing he wants to play with if he sees it.  If I accidentally leave our bedroom door open, Seth heads straight to it - man this boy is fast!

His second favorite toy...the standing lamp* in our living room...Baby Edison?

*I don't actually let him play with this!


Elizabeth Ann (Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

umm. . . I love the disclaimer at the bottom! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I really miss Seth :(:* So I am happy to see his pictures :* zoHA

Taylor and Robin said...

Zoha - Seth misses you too! Let's get together next week...

saray said...

you rock baby seth!!!

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