Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You Get What You Pay For

Here in Scotland we have socialized medicine.  Great on the wallet, but who cares when you're sick?

I have been sick since last Tuesday (cold, flu, not sure).  Usually I don't stay sick for longer than 3 days.  It's been 8.  I went to the doctor on day four because obviously I had been sick for long enough.


I went in and explained my many symptoms that were keeping me from being able to take care of my 9 month old and causing my husband to play Mr. Mom instead of working on his PhD expecting to be given a Z Pack and start feeling better by the next day.

Instead I got an antibiotic that "probably won't do you any good since it's most likely a virus" and was told to come back Monday if I still felt bad over the weekend.  Monday morning I call and make my appointment, but can't actually see the doctor that saw me Friday.

New doc, after hearing all of my symptoms, proceeds to tell me to come back if I still feel bad at the end of the month. Seriously?  It was April 4th.


saray said...

unbelivbale!!! :) sooo funny and sooo sad at the same time !

sbaker said...

So sorry, Robs! Praying for you to get well quickly!

Cat said...

oh my goodness! by day two, i'm calling a friend who has a dr. hubby and asking for a z-pack! I could NOT live there! ha ha!

Ruinan said...

Hope you do feel better!!!
And need some Chinese medicine? Give me a call!

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