Monday, June 7, 2010

IT'S A...

Just kidding. :) That is our newest niece, Caroline Leigh, born on June 3rd to Susannah and Jason.

In case anyone is sitting on the edge of their seat waiting to hear if Baby Ince is going to be on time, it doesn't seem to be the case. I scandalized the cashier at Bed, Bath, and Beyond when she asked me when I was due, and I said today. She was incredulous that I was out and about buying plastic storage bins on my due date and told me she'd be scared to leave the house. I love it!

Due dates are weird things - this baby must be like me since it thinks due dates are only suggestions. I was two weeks late and the doctor finally had to induce, so I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. Taylor operated the same way in college with due dates. Thank goodness for gracious professors - being extremely charming probably didn't hurt either. Oh no! Is our child is destined for a life of procrastination?!

On the upside, we will probably get to go to bible study tomorrow! Thanks for your continued prayers!



Anonymous said...

What a JERK. I was sitting here cursing you both for not calling...oh I need repentance now. I know that Taylor put you up to this...NEWMAN!!!

Satterfield said...

Praying for you guys & the safe arrival of Baby Ince! : )

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