Thursday, August 16, 2012

Avery's 2nd month

I know...I'm on a blog roll!  Gotta get caught up with the month to month photos now that our girl is 5 months old today! Love you, sweet Avery Girl!

Avery's 2 month milestones:

first passport
first time flying
first time visiting another country (the USA - this is weird to me)
first time meeting her grandpas and the rest of her aunts and uncles
first smile
first laugh
first coo
sleeping from 8:30 pm to 7 am - PTL!

Daddy's birthday lunch - today I begin my second month of life
tummy time

love my bunny towel Aunt Susu!

the day my passport came confirming our trip to the States -
this ridiculously small onesie is how we broke the news to the grandparents

little nugget!

practicing my karate moves

I can sleep anywhere!

British baby
Seth isn't so cooperative during photos anymore...

Happy Girl

Thank you for my cute onesie Aunt Erin!

My biggest baby gift

my pensive look

Love the smirk

See?  Anywhere!

2 month photo shoot by Sarah


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