Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mama is NOT a potty word...

In my mind, I have always been adamant about only having to change one set of diapers (unless the Lord gave us twins), but with Little Bits' arrival being sooner than I planned - Seth will only be 21.5 months old then - this may be a harder task than I originally envisioned.  I've heard that not only are boys typically harder to potty train, but that the average age for American boys to be potty trained is 2.5 to 3 years old. That is a lot of diapers between March and next December.  I say "American" boys because come to find out from my missionary friend who lives in Africa, and my Chinese friend, in those countries, babies are potty trained a lot earlier.

Like by the time they're walking.

Well Seth's not African or Chinese, but he is walking, so maybe...

With all of this wishful thinking, I got on amazon.co.uk to buy a potty for Seth, so he can start getting used to the idea.  He already knows the word potty and a few other bathroom related words (much to my chagrin when we're in public - especially when it's in conjunction with sitting at a table in a restaurant). It was an accident! (No pun intended...)

You see, I ask him from time to time if he has a poopy diaper.  Like when a cloud appears behind him and I get a not so pleasant especially when pregnant whiff of well, you know.  So now, being the thoroughly advanced toddler boy that he is, whenever he does indeed have a poopy, he gets my attention by patting me on the knee saying, "Mama,"  and then he reaches for the front of his diaper and exclaims, "Poopy!" really expectantly. Hence the embarrassment when this happens in public.

If Taylor is home when this charade goes on, I proceed to ask Seth, "who do you want to change your diaper?  Mama or Dada?"  Inevitably, "Dada" wins out because, well, that's his favorite word besides car and tractor.  If I give him a photograph that includes me, Seth will name every person he knows in it except for me.
If I ask him, "where is Dada?"  He points to Taylor.
If I ask him, "where is Seth?" he points to himself.
If I ask him, "where is Baby?" he points to his belly.
If I ask him, "where is Mama?"  he points again to himself.

Now the other day he took this to a whole new level.  I mean do we have a sanguine, extrovert or what?


It's Saturday morning and Taylor and I are finishing cleaning up after breakfast and Seth is running around the kitchen grabbing any leftover plates, utensils, cups that are mistakenly left too close to the table's edge when all of a sudden he stops, grabs his diaper and shouts, "Poopy!"  

Both Taylor and I snap to attention and as soon as Seth notices we're both looking at him, he looks back and forth from me to Taylor, throws his arm into the air pointing at Taylor and says, "Dada!"

We both about fell on the floor rolling with laughter.  And Taylor got the esteemed honor of changing the diaper.

That kid is a fast learner. So maybe this potty training will be no problem...right?

Well, yesterday the potty came in the mail, and Seth LOVES it.  Loves it so much he immediately named it.  He named the potty.  He is 16 months old.  You'll never guess what he calls it...


That's right.  You heard read me. 

I'm not sure if I should be honored or horrified. So I guess I'll just stay a little bit of both.

"Mama" the Froggy Potty and Seth the comedian

Have a great day, y'all!


Abigai White said...

That's just too funny! Good luck on the potty training...once you start, stick with it! He'll get there.

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