Friday, February 11, 2011

Robin's Nest


How great is this new design?!

Carolyn was super fast, but in my typical being a freak about beginnings fashion, I had to make sure my About Me page was written before we took it "live." Carolyn was so patient with me - what a great designer! Check out her "wondey" work on her blog.

So Robin's Nest is the new name - check out my About Me tab at the top if you are interested in finding out how it came about. You can also follow Robin's Nest on facebook too - just click the facebook button on the right side of the post. (This may not be up until later today.)

If you have your own blog, then you can grab my button and add a widget to your sidebar. Don't I sound technologically savvy? Don't let me fool you...

I meant what I said about comments in About Me. Did you know I can tell who is lurking looking at my blog?

I have my sources.

OK, that's not entirely true, but I can see how many pageviews I get and what country viewers are from.  People have checked out the blog from every continent (except for Antarctica) - I'm talking from Mexico to Nigeria, Slovenia to South Korea and about 15 other countries - crazy!  So please introduce yourself, and tell us where you're from.  You can officially meet me on my About Me tab. 

Is there an echo in here?

Here are some random pictures because as Taylor always says when he edits my posts, take out a lot of words and add more pictures. 

Here's to you, Tay - study hard!

Seth, 3 months old - 1st football game

Saray and Mark - yay for visas!


Anonymous said...


Abigail said...

Love the new design!!!

Cat said...

I love your blog! Stopping by from Carolyn's blog. She designed mine not too long ago. Isn't she just FAB! You are funny. Just read your 'about' page kind-of wanted to stick around for a while. I always feel like my blog is a one sided conversation, too. Love comments. :) I'll be back! I see we follow a lot of the same blogs, too.
blessings, cat (

Elizabeth Ann (Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it friend! :-) Adding your button to my blog! :-)

Anonymous said...

Robin, LOVE the new design and we LOVE y'all!
The Bakers (Lauren & Austin)
P.S. I just bought that book 'One Thousand Gifts' after I saw your post about it. Looking forward to reading.

lauren said...

Love the design! As I get ready to start my own again this is really setting the bar high!

Ruinan said...

Lovely Blog!

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