Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This blank post is starting to bother me, and it's probably confusing many of you. Well, at least Dad noticed that there was something amiss. I am going to go ahead and write it even though Taylor, ahem, was supposed to do it. :)

So Taylor is in Edinburgh as many of you already know or probably deduced by the title. Before he left, we hatched this grand plan that he would blog every day about his time there and include pictures of what he saw so that I could be there vicariously through the blog since I am no longer fit to travel. I was ecstatic because not only was this his idea, but also he is a gifted writer!
He left Tuesday.
But that is okay. I am just hanging out here in sunny Houston where the temperature is a balmy 95 degrees with only 99% humidity, teaching my 7th graders (who have by now, for the most part, crossed over into the 13 year old range which apparently causes them to revert to elementary school behavior - piece of cake), enjoying the beginning of my ninth month of pregnancy, and of course, living it up in general. Who needs a vicarious trip to Edinburgh?
Not me.
Kidding!! Taylor is the best (he's just not a details person)!
Once I saw the camera cord that allows you to upload pictures to the computer when I got home from dropping him off at the airport, I had an inkling that our plan might not pan out quite how I pictured. Literally.
To his credit, he has dealt with a delayed plane to London, a cancelled flight to Edinburgh, a 4 hour train ride, jetlag, tons of meetings, and lots of wind without adequate clothing. Who knew Edinburgh was the "Windy City" of the UK? And he has called me at least twice a day to fill me in, so I really do feel like I'm there. I kind of feel bad for him because our conversations go like this:
T: "Hey! How was your day? I went apartment hunting, shared our vision for ministering with the head guy of the ministry, took part in a post-graduate fellowship group, lectured at an ESL class for Chinese students on American politics, and toured the Edinburgh castle (ok, maybe not this one :)).
What did you do?"
R: "Well, I watched the baby's foot protude out of my stomach about three inches for 5 minutes straight - it was awesome, went to Doodles with your mom and looked at baby night gowns; I'm not sure if I'm sold yet, but we got a really sweet one to see how he (or she!) likes it, and I wrote thank you notes for the baby shower.
Are you still there?"
T: "Yeah, I'm here. I was just watching a group of kilted men walk down the street playing the bagpipes, so I got a little distracted. So the baby's doing well? That's great! I knew he (not she - Taylor is convinced) would be."
What can I say? My life is school and Baby right now. Taylor has been so patient with all of the baby preparations and incessant baby talk (not literal baby talk - can you picture me doing that?! Please call me out if I do) and is going to be such a great dad. He already is since he loves me so well, and puts the Lord first.
Thank you to those of you who have been praying for this trip. The Lord has been so gracious to us in allowing Taylor to go before our family to forge the way - I am so proud of him - and to root out fear in me before this baby comes. I am so thankful for His provision and covering and am excited to see what He has for us in Edinburgh.
Trying (and failing) to think of a Scottish way to sign off...
Robin and Baby I
PS - Since I can't post any photos, picture one with me, hugely pregnant, and another one with Taylor wearing a kilt and holding up a baby-sized one. :)


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