Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Seth: 2 year old photos

Seth has become increasingly hard to photograph.

Exhibit A: 2 year old photo shoot 

He's considering smiling here.  Or maybe he's just thinking to himself, "why is my mom jumping around like a monkey?"

Now we're distracted by the water.  It would definitely be a good idea to get completely soaked at the beginning of the shoot.

I've managed to get pretty wet, so I guess I'll give you a smile.  

For fun, let's take a trip down memory lane to our 11 month photo shoot:

(This is back when the monkey was still funny apparently.)  

I won't smile, but I'll give you a kiss...

Now you've got the right idea mom - and no, I'm gonna get you!

OK, I've warmed up enough; here's a smile.

And here is my best smile, but I'm about to escape, so you better snap fast Papa!

And he's off...


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