Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hello, Land of the Living.

I think I warned you that once I have a baby the blog basically gets abandoned.  To my credit, I do think I posted about Avery's birth way faster than I did Seth's.  My neglect is not due to my lack of time.  It's just that in that glorious space of time I choose to eat. Or take a shower. Or sleep.  (And those of you who know me know those aren't in the right order). My husband thanks you for your patience.

Here's what we've been up to:

eating {all.the.time}




celebrating {Easter}

I still don't have a whole post together, so the mean time, here are some great posts I've read recently:

Fun reads:
Jen Hatmaker - love her whole blog.  I particularly related to this one and will very likely devote a whole post about it later
Big Mama - shenanigans with Siri (the girl in the iPhone) here
Hello from the Natos - hi.lar.ious. especially if you have siblings
The Anderson Crew - this one was like looking into our future a few kids later

And on a more serious note:
The Sacred Ordinary - this one is by my sis-in-law and reminded me it's ok to hate crafts
Casey Leigh - this one shed some light into my post partum craziness with Seth...maybe I'll post later about this

Hope y'all are well!


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