Thursday, January 19, 2012

30 years.30 weeks

On Saturday I turned 30.  


I keep rolling it around in my brain waiting for a reaction.  It's hard to believe I've entered a new decade, but I have to say the transition has been surprisingly smooth.  I'd been wondering all year how I would take it because I totally freaked out when I turned 26.  

I mean 26?  

Because that's a milestone.  

For some reason 26 felt as if I was hurtling towards my thirties - the horror!  And now that I'm here, it's no big deal.  I mean, husband's been 30 for almost 3 years, we have 3 kids and live in a different country...I better be ready for 30 by now,  right?   

And how fun is it that the Lord chose for me to be 30 weeks preggo with Baby Girl on my 30th birthday? 

So I thought for Embrace the Camera this week it'd be fun (and possibly a little depressing) to walk down memory lane.  Here is a photo from back in 2010 when I was 29 weeks preggo with Seth followed by a photo from today of me at 30 weeks with Baby Girl.

To be fair, I will be 31 weeks tomorrow, so this picture isn't quite accurate!
But it's obvious that this sweater needs to be put back in the maternity box for next time.


Jocky said...

Hope you had a great birthday, even though it was the big Three-Oh! If it's any consolation, you only look 28. ^_^

Heidi said...

30's rock ... hang tight for the best years of your life especially having two precious little ones to enjoy it with ... you look AWESOME!

Erika said...

I dreaded 30. Now I'm - gulp- 38. My 30s have been fantastic. So much better than the 20s. :)

Hespyhesp said...

I have one more year to go! It looks like you totally have your act together though, so you should have nothing to fear! haha. You look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Noooooooo:(((( We are just finishing 29 years and it means 29 years old:((( I do not like ittttt ;:((((
I just joking …. The length of our life should not be matter, we should try to have a wide life … :( Any way I still believe that we are just 29 years old, aren't we?:(((( zoha:**

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