Friday, December 2, 2011

Turkey Day 2011

It's taken me a week to recover, but, I did it.  For the first time, I prepared the whole thanksgiving meal 


Taylor may or may not have been called in during the de-gibleting of the turkey. Because raw poultry is one of my biggest fears.  I'm not kidding we're talking like I texted him after I attempted to, "what?!  I have to stick my hand where and pull out what?" 

My S.O.S. text read something like this:

Taylor! You must come home now there is a Turkey Emergency.  I cannot bring myself to pull out the turkey guts.  Please give me grace. Love, robs.

And the kind, patient, and understanding husband I have, high-tailed it home to be my own personal Thanksgiving hero.  This is big y'all because he couldn't care less about turkey.  He not so secretly loathes Thanksgiving because he feels like it's a holiday centered around overeating (and to add insult to injury the main course is not even a meat he prefers) and watching football.  That's when I call him, Pastor and remind him we celebrate because we are grateful to God for the provision in our lives.

Here were the provisions for the Ince Clan Turkey Day 2011:

Sweet potato casserole complete with pink marshmallows (I have no idea why the Brits have an affinity for  marshmallows of the pink variety only - made for a colorful casserole though), double batch of corn casserole (we're still working on that bad boy), scalloped potatoes (not a Thanksgiving meal staple in the past, but may become one), Aunt Ann's famous green bean salad (the only way I will eat a green bean from a can), Mom's stuffing (why I love Thanksgiving), and of course turkey (in the form that doesn't make me want to crawl into the fetal position while hyperventilating into a brown paper bag).

3 pies for 6 adults and 2 children: buttermilk, pumpkin, & my personal favorite, apple.
And this is the photo that will render a comment from my dad that my apple pie is not even close to tall enough (I followed Mom's recipe, Dad - I promise)!

We invited our Scottish friends, Bruce and Catriona and their 2 year old daughter Elliana, to join us for their very first American Thanksgiving.  The pressure was on!  I have to say, there weren't any major mishaps (thanks to Taylor's clutch turkey intervention) and Bruce immediately put me at ease when they walked in the door, looked at the spread, and he exclaimed, "This is the best day of my life!"

Talk about a great dinner guest!  They all were - Elliana even happily gobbled up all of the foreign trimmings.  We even let Seth partake this year (last year he was fed a bottle and put to bed before the feast even began - ahh, the fate of being 5 months old on Thanksgiving!).  

Look at Bruce's plate - love it!

Seth particularly liked the corn casserole and cranberry sauce
Here we are in front of our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree tired and full from our night of overeating giving thanks.
Taylor Ince, I am thankful for you, my Thanksgiving Turkey Hero.

We didn't have a chance to skype with our parents on Thanksgiving Day due to meal prep and time differences, but you better believe I sent a text (via Viber) to my mom promising to do everything next year as long as I don't have to get anywhere near a raw turkey.

"Let us come into His presence with Thanksgiving!" Psalm 95:2a


Erinn Warton said...

Too cute, Robin. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I found you through my friend Natalie who babysits little Seth. Though we're not American, we are intending to have Thanksgiving some time soon. We haven't picked a date yet. :)


(P.S. I am not really anonymous. For some reason I can't post comments on some blogs, even though I have my own.

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