Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall has...fallen?

My favorite season in Edinburgh is fall.  No contest.  It's cool and crisp; leaves are changing colors dropping glorious piles on the ground that we can run through.  Ok, you're right, I'm totally not running for any reason.  But I do push my buggy through them when I run errands.

Fall is the only time Edinburgh follows the rules when it comes to seasons. And being from Houston, it helps me cope with the rest of the cool and crisp year (or freezing or raining or snowing or fill in another unpleasant form of cold and dreary).  Now I know Houston is a fellow season rule breaker, but the slight difference between the two is that is why people choose to live there. It errs on the side of warm and sunny. Call me unsentimental, but I am perfectly fine with Christmas day being in the 70s.  (Now I am totally tempted to go on a diatribe about my opinion on the Continental/United merger and the ridiculous choice of Chicago over Houston for the hub, but that has nothing to do with fall and it's just an unpleasant subject all around.)  We choose to live in Edinburgh for non-weather related reasons like it has a castle.  Does this beat warm and sunny?  The jury's still out.

This picture was taken from practically our backyard. 

Remember my post last year on pumpkin?  Well,  the second the first orange leaf replaced it's green self, the tinned pumpkin waiting game officially commenced.  No mention of Libby yet though I did find an actual pumpkin at the grocery store today and have to say I was more than a little happy.

Look Mom! It's a pumpkin!
(Seth's bookshelf is not usually so empty, but his new favorite pastime is pulling all of the books off of the shelf.)

Nah! I can't believe it!

What?  You want it back?


But first I am going to eat it!

It's much more efficient eating it while standing up...

I was so overcome with gladness at the perfect fall weather that I did a raid on my pantry for the two cans I saved from last year to make pumpkin bars.

Remember last year's stash?

And I have to say it was a success - no Pumpkin Foot Cake this time, just yummy fall deliciousness.

Last year's Pumpkin Foot Cake

Pumpkin Bars - recipe by Paula Deen:

Yeah - I forgot to take a photo of the actual bars before they were all consumed.  I blame it on "Baby Brain" and Paula Deen.

But don't worry, in case of another tinned pumpkin shortage, I saved my last can so that we can be sure to have pumpkin pie this year, no matter what.

Sethers and me (14.5 weeks preggo - yes, the .5 makes a huge difference)

Happy Fall Y'all! 
(Houstonians just go inside, turn up the AC,  bake some pumpkin bars, and pretend.  It will feel like fall in no time - that is until you have to go outside again...)

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Elizabeth Ann (Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

Seth is the CUTEST! :-)

anything but LoKEY said...

Those pumpkin bars are so yum! And we are from South AL so I have no idea either what cold weather feels like. ;)

jane said...

those are such FUN photos! I love the stack of cans of pumpkin. I chuckled at that.

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