Friday, September 17, 2010

"I Can't Believe I Forgot..."

I know everyone is dying to see pictures of our new digs, and the last post was probably a let down since I actually wrote it back in August and just never posted it (too busy "Shredding"), but I am still not delivering the goods. This has to do with a little syndrome Taylor and I both have. Sorry Seth. It's called the "I Can't Believe I Forgot..." It applies to losing stuff and leaving stuff.

We realized this summer, much to our chagrin, that this had become a family mantra though the onset of it started once we were both old enough to leave the house without our mommies. Taylor's item of choice to lose or forget was his belt, and mine, my watch. It is good that we both suffer from this condition as there is much grace.

Here are a few things we've recently had to use the dreaded phrase for:

Scenario #1: We've just arrived in Edinburgh and want to contact our parents who are waiting to hear we've made it.

"Taylor, I'm going to text my parents," I say as we wait for our rental car to be ready. I dig around for my cell phone and try to turn it on. Nothing.

"I can't believe I forgot to charge my cell phone!" Taylor just smiles because he certainly can believe it.

Scenario #2: We've just arrived at our flat 4 hours later (little mishap with the car rental) and still want to contact our now anxious parents that we've made it to our new home across the Atlantic Ocean.

"Robin, I'm gonna grab the cell phone charger so you can call our parents," Taylor says as he rummages around in the bag where he stored the power converter, plug adapters, and other electronic paraphernalia. Nothing.

"You're not going to believe this, but I can't believe I forgot the cell phone charger in Houston," But I can believe it.

Scenario #3: We've been driving all over Edinburgh trying to run errands we can't easily do without a car while we still have our rental. All the while feeling guilty that we haven't been able to call our parents who are even more anxiously awaiting (and probably not sleeping at this point) since it has now been 48 hours since we left Houston, we've just moved across the Atlantic Ocean, and brought their beloved 3 month old grandson with us.

"Robin, I am going to set up the computer so we can at least email our parents that we made it," Taylor pushes the ON button. Nothing.

"I can't believe I forgot to charge the computer," Taylor says as he rummages for a second time through the electronics bag.

"Uh Robin, you're really not going to believe this but..."

Say it with me Readers, "I can't believe I forgot the power cord to the computer!!!"

I mean seriously. It's a very advanced case and the prognosis does not look good as living in Edinburgh hasn't cured us. Case and point:

Scenario #4: The bike shop owner running down the street to catch up with Taylor.

"Sir, I can't believe you forgot this," he says in a thick Scottish Brogue. Taylor reaches out sheepishly and grabs his ID and credit card from the honest Scotsman. He can believe it.

All of this to say, I can't do a proper blog post of our time in Edinburgh because I Can't believe We Forgot to bring the power cord to the computer that has our photos on it (not that we've taken any photos yet: Sight-seeing day #1 "I can't believe we forgot the camera." Sight-seeing day #2: "I can't believe we forgot to charge the camera!")

Good thing this phrase only seems to happen with things and not people.


melinda said...

Look forward to meeting you some day Robin. Good to meet you over the phone. Enjoyed your writing. Being a pre-marriage Wallace, have to say I'm a bit jealous of your new adventure. I feel 'amongst my people' when I'm in Scotland. Praying they take care of you well- and you pick up some of the brogue.
Smiles and prayers,

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