Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Photo Shoot!

Again, never a dull moment at Sus and Jas' house.  We were eating take out from El Rey (so good by the way; try their Summer Special), and I noticed Lizzie had disappeared from the kitchen.  I figured she was headed for her favorite place, the stairs, so I discreetly tailed her. She was making a beeline towards her target, so I followed her, and Lillian followed me.

We ended up in Lizzie's room in which she discovered that fans are obviously hilarious and provide endless hours of entertainment.  Who needs Baby Einstein?  

Not Lizzie!

How cute is this?
(I have no idea why this is computer has a mind of it's own!)

Lils and Thrills loved it too. With a nick name like that, how could she not?!
(And we're inexplicably back to normal font again.)

This girl can strike a pose.  

I think this is a tribute to John Travolta. I can hear it now, "those suhummer, niiiiihhhhhiiiiiiiiights."

Lizzie, did my Danny Zuko impression scare you?

The serious pose.

This one is my fav!

Ahhh! Blue then back.  This computer is starting to scare me!

Thank you Vornado.


kaitlyn said...

aw aw precious pictures of course but you were there when i read this, anyways the reason i'm commenting is because i cannot sleep anymore and i thought facebooking you would we embarassing because its like 3 am. i think i have insomnia. anyways, tonight i learned to play the guitar after yall left. chyeahhhh i can play a jonas brothers song and a taylor swift song, sweet i know, and could you please upload the picture of us at lecrae, and preferably not the solo shot you took of me, not cute. okay thanks! love you and see you in a few hours probably. and dont forget to blog about your exciting new job :) i guess we'll have to take pictures together all dressed up in our matching uniforms. love you again. and goodnight

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